Futuristic Diner / Press

“Members of the Deland band Futuristic Diner call their music "psychedelic electro funk rock". Propelled by the manic bass work of Frank Mammano (think Primus bassist Les Claypool on steroids), it's a mix that meanders between Beastie Boys, george Clinton's Parliament Funkadelic and, yes, the outre alt-rock of Primus. The trio also includes Matt Fair on vocals and Jessie Boerner on samples, keyboards and drums.”

Rick DeYampert - Daytona Beach New-Journal

“Futuristic Diner's "Over the Rainbow" is an original slab of trippy, spacey funk rock that splices DNA from George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic into genes from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

“Futuristic Diners premier at DELANDAPALOOZA was loaded with good vibe and cosmic debris.”

Tom Knoebel

“Now that's sum funked up funky-fied fun n groovalicious deliciousness! Love it!!”

Sue Veneer