Future Twin / Press

“Released Jan. 31, Situation revs up with roaring guitar, and incorporates field recordings of gunshots and small engines such as lawnmowers and of course, mopeds, but veers from blunt roughness, instead leaning towards powerful girl group-style vocals and multi-part harmonies. While the first release is a small one, the Mission-based band has chops, brains, and a clear bond.”

“Creating a space for the people to dance. ”

“I discovered Future Twin because a good friend of mine briefly played bass for the band. I continued listening to the band because of avante-pop awesomeness like their song “Lockits” and the intriguing onstage presence of Jean Yaste, the primary song writer and lead singer. "i’m influenced sonically by whatever i’m listening to, from intentional music to random street sounds. i have a field recording of a mission mocking bird that was making dump truck and cell phone noises near my backyard. i like to think of myself as a sonic anthropologist: taking in clues and rendering them together in a sonic medium, about the people i know, telling their stories. like a modern oral history, that you can tap your feet to. a sonic stamp of a time and place and people."”

“new songs from the bay feat: Future Twin, Ty Segall, The Art Museums, The Sandwitches, Nodzzz and more. FREE DOWNLOAD GET IT. "we’ll be creating special month-in-review mixes every thirty days to collect some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the web site. Here are twelve of our favorites, all from Bay Area bands, found on TheBayBridged.com in May." Tracklisting: 1. Kids On A Crime Spree – “Sweet Tooth” 2. Nodzzz – “Heyday Past Heyday Due” 3. Future Twin – “Lockits” 4. The Art Museums – “Dancing with a Hole in Your Heart” 5. Grandma’s Boyfriend – “Jellyyyyyyyyyyy” 6. Ty Segall – “You Make The Sun Fry” 7. Ghost and the City – “The Devil” 8. 13 & God – “Its Own Sun (Antonionian Version)” 9. Chucha Santamaria Y Usted – “Fiebre Tropical” 10. Metal Mother – “Shake” 11. The Sandwitches – “Sirens & Bells” 12. Barn Owl – “Shadowland””

“Bay Area Live featuring The Rural Alberta Advantage, Future Twin, and Spiro Agnew Author: None Published: Thursday, May 26, 2011 This month we have a set I caught at Bottom of the Hill by Canadians The Rural Alberta Advantage, plus killer sets from locals Future Twin and Spiro Agnew (now named What Model Citizens), both at the one and only Hemlock Tavern. Hope you dig on them tunes. Listen on BreakThruRadio or right here: ”

“Last minute is better than never, so consider this: Amnesia has an excitable bill tonight that might spark some youthful bliss in all of us — White Fang (Portland), Future Twin and CCR Headcleaner. Future Twin is a San Francisco-based female trio whom met through a moped gang, the Lockits, which they in turn penned an anthem for. They’re self-releasing their debut 7″ in June, and in other exciting news have a music video on the way (a collaboration between Yours Truly and Kitsch Gallery artists). Recently befriending White Fang at a show they both played in an abandoned orphanage in Olympia, the trouble-makers will be playing another show together here at Amnesia tonight. White Fang’s Grateful to Shred LP is a hodgepodge of psych, punk and pop styling recently out on Portland’s Marriage Records (tUnE-YarDs, Yacht, Dirty Projectors):”