I&I / Press

"Innovative... three-piece I&I has a knack for crossing boundaries. At the front of the band is Imani Williams, a rapper with a bold delivery and lyrics that range from lighthearted (“House Party”) to philosophical (“Una Mas”). Drummer Ryan Chud propels her rhymes forward with punchy reggae rhythms, while guitarist / bassist Daniel Faga enhances the vibes by building and manipulating loops of sampled sound. At one point during their Key Studio Session, it sounded like there was a full harmonizing horn section backing I&I up, but no. It was really just the three of them, embracing possibility to spectacular ends."

"I&I is a group you have to see to believe! A young hip hop group with a very fresh approach. HOT!!"

"I&I are one of Slo-Mo's favorite bands in Philly. They combine a fresh approach to hip hop with great songs, exciting musicianship, Imani's excellent rhymes and, most importantly, real soul."

"I&I is an ensemble of three, but during a performance, the audience hears more like five instruments, amounting to what sounds like a fuller ensemble underneath the lyrics of vocalist Imani Williams..."

"...described as a 'veritable musical parfait,' [I&I's] repetoire shows evidence of their eclectic musical tastes, with touches of ska, reggae, jazz, funk, rock, and even calypso. Come with your dancing shoes on, and don't forget to get an autograph from these upstarts... 'cause you just don't know what the 'future of truth' will be for I&I!"