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“Future Loves Past has never delivered anything less than astronomical, and with their upcoming show this Saturday, their performance is expected to fall nothing short of that. The psychedelic pop/ r&b band will be performing Our Solar System for the first time ever, in its entirety, at The Sail Inn. But how exactly do you throw a space party? You planet, of course! The band has been gearing up for this event since March, practicing the material every day for the past two months, and are now ready to bring you into orbit with them, skyrocketing further than the dark side of the moon and back. This show is said to be the bands most visually and aurally spectacular show to date–and with musical aid from Brenden McBride from Sara Robinson & Midnight Special and Derek Cooper from PALMS, secret visual treats from art director Alexandr’e LeMay, and opening acts Some Magical Animal, Avery, Wizards of Time and All My Friends, how could it not be?”

“This is my first interview that doesn’t deal with punk/hardcore/anything with someone yelling, so as I write this blob of words, I’m listening to their S/T EP on vinyl and I’m trying to synopsize their sound to the reader….and do them some justice since people usually take comparisons very lightly. They remind me of something along the lines of Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, Wilco, Pink Floyd, and even Neil Young at times. So I guess if I could capture the essence of what the band was and if someone asked me what they sounded like I would say a revival of classic rock jams mixed with dreamy pop. That’s only a scant description so go out and check them out at The Sail Inn on December 29th as they unveil their Our Solar System concept show.”

“Imagine, if you would, SMiLE-era Beach Boys tackling the same subject, but with a bit more groove and funk than they could ever achieve. If you can wrap your head around that, that’s what is in store for all of us. Clearly, the well known and often played track “Earth” is an early centerpiece, but the works centered around all of the celestial bodies are pretty impressive and clearly intonate the oft associated vibe of each one (the glorious warmth of “Sun”, the shimmering beauty of “Venus”, “Mars” as the God of War, yes each song is that brilliantly thought out). The release earlier this month of the twin singles “Mercury” and “Saturn”, both receiving heavy rotation on KWSS 106.7, have been but a teaser for the approaching main event. Since the demos have been sent my way a new song in recognition of the “Asteroid Belt” has been added to the set and with Future Loves Past, it is always the unknown quantities I am interested in, so at least there is one”

“Future Loves Past is one of the hardest working bands in town, often blending visual art with their unique psych indie rock. Frontman Eric Palmer says their latest concept show, “Our Solar System,” is the band’s biggest endeavor to date. Future Loves Past hopes to record their planetary album next year but also have two other concept albums in the works about colors and spirit goddesses from the astral realm. Palmer chatted with College Times about the show and what they have in store for us all.”

“I’m disappointed with myself. I’m a fan of terrible puns, and when researching this band, I came across a softball of a setup for a bad pun. I found out that their two latest songs are a radical departure in sound from their previous material. So I decided to check out their older stuff, and I found it entertaining and accessible; a general audience would love a set by them. Their latest double-single (Bi-single? Neither of those sound right…), however, is a rich smothering of lost genres such as 70′s funk and surf rock that are part of a 12-song concept album about space that will undoubtedly be more critically acclaimed, but might lose a few audience demographics in the process. I mean, the title of this song alone seems intentionally overwhelming. With all that in mind, I’m SURE there is a pun to be made about Future Loves Past’s past songs receiving a different kind of love than their future songs will…and I can’t think of it.”

“Some 70’s inspired breezy. Steely meets ELO. Check out the rest of the demos HERE, as the entire breezy concept album will be out mid next year.”

“80/20 Records was born nearly five years ago but made its biggest announcement last week. It signed Future Loves Past, PALMS and Captain Squeegee, three well-known bands in the area that have garnered their own followings with blood, sweat and gigs.”

“For the entire time I've known them, I have wondered (in much the same way I spend nights staring up at the stars) what the debut album from Future Loves Past would hold in store for its loyal listeners. This past spring, musical architect and late-night home-studio whiz Eric Palmer began sending me tracks that he had just completed, and I was stunned - this raised the ante even more, but I had no idea what it could possibly lead toward. Then some weeks ago, bassist Sean Wintrow made it clear when he sent twelve demo tracks of Our Solar System - a concept album that literally encompasses the corner of the universe we call home ,from the Sun outward all the way to Pluto. The concept is breathtaking, merely in its ambition alone, but the demo tracks reveal that Future Loves Past are more than up to the task.”

“The Tempe-based indie, soul, psychedelic rock band, Future Loves Past, will perform under the stars at the Musical Instrument Museum on January 17 as part of the MIM's "Music in Motion" series. The band has cultivated a loyal following and is schedule to release a new sci-fi concept album, The Serpent & The Owl: Our Solar System, in December 2012. Take a listen at futurelovespst.bandcamp.com; we are sure you'll like it as much as we do here at LPM.”

“Local record company 80/20 Records recently announced the signing of three local bands: Future Loves Past, Captain Squeegee and PALMS. Tempe‘s Future Loves Past formed in September 2010. Despite the recent news that guitarist Mike Anderson has stepped down, the folk-pop group has several new projects in the works. FLP will release a two-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8 at The Rogue Bar, and perform its sci-fi concept album Our Solar System live at The Sail Inn on Dec. 29. Last year, The Spec interviewed member Tristan DeDe about band influences, inspiration and more. Read the Q & A here.”

“It was only a matter of time until someone signed Future Loves Past or simply built an entire label around them. I’m not sure any other local band has progressed so much in so little time as Future Loves Past and I make no bones about them being one of my top five favorite local bands. Additionally, this seems to be the perfect time to sign FLP–here is a band that already had an albums worth of groovy infectious songs, seemingly ready to record and release, only to do a complete 180 degree turn to announce that they were doing a concept album entitled Our Solar System (which only includes one of their heretofore familiar songs, the anthemic “Earth”). Before that album has even been released, chief architect and general madman has already leaked a demo for a proposed “Spirit Animal” concept album. With FLP having had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Our Solar System, one can only hope that the ambitious train they are on does not come to a stop anytime soon.”

“The DIY method might be the record-releasing choice of local bands around the country -- after all, the Internet opens all kinds of possibilities for self promotion, recording, and pressing -- but increasingly, Phoenix artists seem to be signing to small labels. And it seems the Valley's Mike Zimmerlich is snagging a few of the most acclaimed up for himself. Zimmerlich and his label 80/20 Records announced yesterday that they signed the Valley's PALMS, Captain Squeegee and Future Loves Past, all of which will be heading to the studio to record in the next year.”

“Future Loves Past is an indie rock band based in Tempe that has become a favorite amongst both local music fans and press, with Lindsay Palmer of the Phoenix New Times saying that their sound “borrows lovingly from all genres and blends them together in a straightforward way that’s easy to relate to and digest.” Mitchell Hillman, in a review of their 2011 self-released EP, raved “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a band touch on so many influences, without denying the identity of the band or the groove which is their sound, and their sound is unmistakable.” The band have a slew of new projects in the works, starting with the release of their new 2-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8th at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, and a live performance of their sci-fi concept album, “Our Solar System,” on Dec 29th at the Sail Inn in Tempe. The band also plan on releasing an album of new music in early 2013, as well as a studio recording of the “Our Sol”

“We are proud to announce not one, not two, but three new artists to 80/20 Records! This is the biggest expansion in the label’s history and we are so excited to have these talented artists as a part of it. Please welcome Captain Squeegee, Future Loves Past, and PALMS! Alongside our current artist Dry River Yacht Club this is the best lineup we could ask for and we are looking forward to the following year. All of our artists will be going into the studio to record, some whom haven’t released an album in years.”

“By Saturday of Apache Lake Music Festival the hard hitters were all prepared to take the stage, while the sounds of Sugar Thieves, Doctor Bones, Yellow Minute, etc… had performed prior to now, Saturday night’s lineup included both Japhy’s Descent and Future Loves Past. While my first foray into the Arizona music scene was through Doctor Bones and Japhy’s Descent, I’d been hearing about Future Loves Past for almost a year before I started photographing local music. With that said and to celebrate their successful kickstarter this week, the last and final day 3 slideshow for ALMF features their song “Earth”.”

“Future Loves Past continued that magic with the flight of paper mache butterflies flittered and balloons bounced across the audiences’ heads. FLP brought several guest musicians on stage including Danger Paul and Kalen (who we agree guest performed more than pretty much everyone). What I like about FLP is they’re like Japhy’s happier, chiller cousins on lithium.”

“How would you characterize the Valley’s music scene? "Growing, and it’s very tight-knit. Now that A Life of Science is in its 6th year, I would say it’s 100 percent better than it was 6 years ago. A lot of bands have grown together. You’ll have bands like Future Loves Past, Dry River Yacht Club and Doctor Bones that are always playing shows together and bringing fans out and making friends and new fans, and it’s exactly what the music scene should be. I’m so proud to be a part of it and see where it’s going. The Tempe scene, more than any scene in Arizona, is really starting to make its mark on the Southwest. That’s where the students are at."”

“With support from local businesses and do-it-yourself projects, the Phoenix art scene is beginning to show its true colors. Debates about rivalries between city scenes can be dull. The future seems brightest when locals support locals, which is exactly what the Tempe-based band Future Loves Past plans to do with their new project “…Presents.” When The Spec interviewed the band in December 2011, there was no discussion about the project, but just recently, FLP shared a video teaser for “…Presents,” a new variety show scheduled to debut next month.”

“Inside, Casual Friday was being observed with nearly half of the musicians wearing shorts onstage, something I hadn't seen since the couldn't-care-less '90s. But that fashion statement was in complete contrast to Future Loves Past's music, a fortuitous mix of bouncy '80s pop and '70s prog rock tendencies. Some people will tell you that bands like Yes (who at that very same moment were gearing up to play the Talking Stick Resort) couldn't rock. This is a jibe generally made by musicians who have no chops. Future Loves Past have such chops and aren't afraid to change time signatures or jam several meandering ideas into one highly listenable song. A band worth noting to the uninitiated and a great way to kick things off.”

“Future Loves Past took the stage. This eclectic indie/pop/rock outfit lived up to their “harmonious” claim. The highlight for me watching this 6-piece ensemble jam together while easily handling multiple riffs in various tempos, and several moments during which the band’s four terrific singers hit relatively complex 4-part harmonies, right on the money, without missing a beat. “I have been [doing] shows in the Valley for over six years, and I see about 15 acts a week, easily,” said Jack Maverik, Long Wong’s General Manager, “and never have I gotten quite the reaction I do when they play.” Having seen and heard Future Loves Past perform myself in person, I can agree, and suggest that you should experience this band, too, to find out what your reaction might be. You can grab four of their tracks here, and they’re working on more in the studio as you read this. It’s no surprise to me that Future Loves Past was nominated as one of the best local bands in 2012 by Phoe”

“Indie psychedelic-rock band Tempe's Future Loves Past has a residency along with Darkness Dear Boy at Long Wong's in Tempe, so Organ approached them with the idea last year. They'll return to play on the first trip this year. "I've never heard of anyone doing something like this, and wondered if it would work out, and it ended up being pretty awesome," said Future Loves Past singer and guitarist Tristan DeDe. "People who had never seen our band got to hang out with us before we performed, and we were able to make some new fans. It's a good way to build up our fan base, and it's a brief little vacation. It's like summer camp."”

“The fourth band to play on the line up is Future Loves Past, an indie-psychedelic band from Tempe comprised of Mike A., Tristan D., Sarah H., Rickmo, Eric W. P. and Sean W..”

“Crescent Ballroom knows the value of big local shows. Remember the line around the block for the Mergence, Black Carl, What Laura Says, Future Loves Past Show? How about when Ladylike nearly sold the joint out?”

“There are numerous great people in the AZ scene. There is an interesting blend of styles with seemingly blues/classic rock home base. It’s almost retro. There is an unspoken brotherhood that has been developing for a while. Good people, with good intentions, all working together to create this scene – our sub part of the scene at least, — mainly Tempe. Some of the bands (like What Laura Says, Black Carl, Dry River Yacht Club, Kinch, Kongos, and many others) have been working at it for a few solid years and seen it grow. It’s as if it accumulates based on common views of life and why we make music. Future Loves Past is a newer band that, in my opinion, blends right in as well. It’s about more than just being hip or cool. It’s about real people making real music.”

“Check Out: Future Loves Past - "Earth"”

“Future Loves Past, what a strange name for an indie folk band. We discover them with their first eponym EP. The six American musicians propose a simple and nice music. It is a meeting between 70’s rock sounds (The Feelies for example) and modern folk band such as Noah and The Whale, The Leisure Society or Real Estate. Songs are rich in melodies. At Vocododo, we like! ”

“It’s common knowledge that you can’t just come in from out of nowhere and try to book a show. Eric Palmer, singer and guitarist for Future Loves Past, who also works the bar, said it takes more than a phone to book a show. Bands need to make an effort to hang out, meet the community, and find their place in the Long Wong’s schedule. “There’s always new bands playing here,” Palmer said. “You’ve just got to come down and get to know the people here first.” Palmer’s band was actually formed at Long Wong’s. Other bands, such as Sasquanaut, started off doing open mics. “We’re nice to everyone because we want everyone to come back,” Palmer said. “I’ve never known a bar to hang out in that was this cool [and] where you could just go and everyone would be your friend.” It works out in Long Wong’s favor, as crowds build and friendships are made, bands develop loyal fans and drinking buddies.”

“We asked friends from various bands if they had brought any sort of acoustic instrument with them and wound up with several guitars, drums, banjos, tambourines, and 90 voices gathered around a tent for an acoustic Japhy's Descent and Future Loves Past set. So what many considered to be a failure of a festival, the few that were fortunate to be there walked away with a memory to last a lifetime. So Noon represents the set you intend on playing and Moon represents the moments with your friends and the experience you can't even imagine is out there.”

“Playing inside on the Creamy Radio stage, this band drew in a larger crowd than yesterday’s afternoon bands with a great, smooth set. They constantly switch around on instruments showing the diversity the members possess. At times they could have used more backup vocals as everything else was so loud. But this didn’t affect their great instrumentation. This band from Tempe gave a solid performance keeping folks inside to hear the rest of their set as they trickled inside. Since they’re from the area, go catch a show. You won’t be disappointed. They’ll be at The Crescent Ballroom on the 24th and at Tempe Tavern on the 27th, both this month. Keep an eye on this band as they are sure to hit the scene soon. Think Young the Giant vocals and you’ve got this band plus more!”

“Playing Long Wong's is always great because you don't remember much. It's not just the alcohol. It's the cramped space, the unhinged interior layout, the disarming regulars, the fact that loading gear there is like starting a colony in the New World. Just a whole lot of work. The fact that live music even happens there seems miraculous, which all goes to say that nights there produce pretty hazed memories. I remember St. Ranger played some new songs that I really liked. And Future Loves Past. I mean, if you heard them blasting out of a cop car's open door after being billy-clubbed and cuffed, you'd still dance.”

“The theme of Tempe-based rock 'n' roll band Future Loves Past's latest single, "Seekers," seems glaringly obvious, with its idealistic hippie jam-circle vibe, rife with tribal percussive elements, chanting vocals, and sunny perspective. It's what you'd expect from a local band whose success banks on the fact that they don't get too heavy — they just jam. But if you ask composer Eric Palmer, it's a different story all together. "'Seekers' is inspired by a feeling of impending doom for a society that oppresses free thoughts and ideas," Palmer told New Times' Melissa Fossum. A little heady, sure, but can you blame the guy? We can think of more than a few examples of highly publicized free thought oppression from just this year, let alone through the decades. Future Loves Past shows that you can keep it light while talking heavy subjects, even if it doesn't resonate with listeners automatically. They're fighting the power — slowly.”

“Tempe has a lot of really great indie bands coming up. A couple of my personal favorite bands right now Future Loves Past, Gospel Claws, Underground Cities, Coats & Villa (rip). Theres really A LOT of good bands coming out right now. I could really go on when I think about it. DECKER! Those cats get down too. Doctor Bones. Theres a lot….”

“While acts like the Carolina Chocolate Drops Dark Star Orchestra, Galactic, and more will be jamming on the main stage, the Creamy Radio Stage brings a similar vibe to the interior of the Compound Grill, with the loose-limbed psych pop of Tempe favorites Future Loves Past, the funky stylings of Quick Henry, and the rustic, indie-folk of decker.”

“Future Loves Past released a new single yesterday and it's gorgeous. "Seekers" came out just in time for the summer, and its effervescent percussion and melodic vocals are a pleasant reminder that pool season is just around the corner. But the meaning of the song isn't as carefree as the rhythms may suggest. "'Seekers' is inspired by a feeling of impeding doom for a society that oppresses free thoughts and ideas," says composer Eric Palmer. "I wrote it last year around this time, but I worked on it on a few different occasions months apart. Initially it was way more of a techno beat driven song with vocals soaring slowly over a fast drum machine groove with stomping synthesizers," he adds.”

“Episode 4 (Future Loves Past)”

“Future Loves Past is a band that needs no introduction to the Tempe music scene, but as they prepare themselves for their upcoming mini-tour, they are looking to spread the word that they have arrived; literally. The psychedelic pop group accomplished many things within their first year of being together, releasing their 4-track EP on CD, which can be heard on their band camp, and vinyl being one. But the band, now a little over a year old, is preparing to head to Austin, Texas to perform at our very own EchoCloud unofficial SXSW showcase, an item that the band can now cross off of their 2012 bucket list. With lead singers Eric Palmer and Tristan DeDe, guitar and vocalist Mike Anderson, bass and vocalist Sean Wintrow, percussionist and vocalist Sarah Hibner, and drummer Enrique Naranjo, the band is making their way to SXSW in their very own radical style.”

“Walking along downtown Mesa, we came across Future Loves Past, and all was well.”

“The desert encompassing Arizona makes for scorching hot days, a cool nights and all the scenery a band can need for inspiration. The vast amount of bands coming from the state are migrating towards Phoenix and the suburban sprawl it produced in the Valley of the Sun. Sunny-psychedelia, electronic pop, Motown-inspired rhythms and gypsy folk dances through the cacti and offers a wide variety of styles for all pallets searching for something to quench their thirsts. Check out these bands from Arizona. The majority of the Phoenix scene brings out the best in pop music from four or five decades ago, and Future Loves Past perfectly captures the sound and vibe of the 1970s. There’s a little bit of psychadelia, straight pop and British Invasion that swirls together happily in your ears.”

“No wonder so many Arizona bands are headed to South by Southwest this year. Among them is Future Loves Past, who drew on their classic rock roots to play Pink Floyd's "Fearless", from the band's 1971 record Meddle for this installment of Take Cover. "We really like classic rock and it's obviously a classic rock song. We used a lot of vocals and cool effects. One of the things we like to do is put almost a hip-hop beat on a folkie song, and that's what we did in there," says vocalist/guitarist Tristan DeDe. "We also changed the lyrics around a little bit to fit some of the public figures. We added Jack Maverick to the song because he loves Pink Floyd so much and he's now the magistrate."”

“Future Loves Past is best described by the term “Harmony Rock.” With five voices, the band creates rich and complex harmonies that float over interesting, upbeat melodic hooks that make you groove. Rare is the act that incorporates easily interpreted lyrics and melodies, so first time listeners are singing along. When Future Loves Past plays, their sound is almost all-encompassing. Think neo-soul meets ’70s rock, with a nod to current indie trends from bands like Yeasayer and Local Natives. It borrows lovingly from all genres and blends them together in a straightforward way that’s easy to relate to and digest. They are the definition of watching potential become kinetic and it’s a fantastic metamorphosis to be fascinated by.”

“Locals Future Loves Past, Dry River Yacht Club, Japhy's Descent, William "Fucking" Reed and more will all make it to Austin thanks to Echo Cloud's efforts.”

“Once everyone was ready, the set was opened with up-beat song Pigeons and in less than 60 seconds, the crowd grabbed hands with the person next to them and arms started to wail, feet started to tap, and asses started to shake. What else would be expected at an FLP show though, right? Once your ears were able to stop focusing on the crowd that also began to attempt harmonizing with the songs, you were able to notice how flawless the band sounded. Each individual that makes up the six-piece was heard loud and clear, alike the sound of a needle hitting a haystack. Sarah was heard just as much as Eric or Tristan, and all was well in the night. The band continued with songs like Marvo and new hit Island, followed by Earth, I’m Free, Pink Floyd cover Fearless, Mountain, Seekers, and Mean Love as a closing number.”

“Unlike Tempe’s most high-profile music venues – including the Marquee Theatre and the Sail Inn – Long Wong’s rarely features out-of-town bands. Rising Valley rockers like Future Loves Past and Banana Gun (see sidebar) are regulars. Patrons also might catch longtime local acts like Page the Village Idiot or Ghetto Cowgirl, a staple at the old Long Wong’s on Mill.”

“Future Loves Past are the masters of actually sounding good at Long Wongs. The club’s sound is warm and pleasant… but not exactly hi-fi. It’s easy for bands to overblow the room. FLP realizes that they don’t have to turn every guitar amp up to 11, that not every sawtooth wave coming from the overdrive pedal has to hit the audience upside the head. Their sets at Wongs demonstrate a comfort with the way the different sounds gel together into an amorphous funk-forcefield, the whole more than the sum of its parts. Egos are irrelevant and the result is uplifting to all.”

“Each concertgoer gets something different out of their experience. The people like my dad (We'll call them the "rutters,") get exposed to bands they would never otherwise go see on their own accord. Local bands like Mergence, Future Loves Past and What Laura Says all fuse classic rock elements with modern melodies. I can easily see a rutter latching on to one of these bands because they gave a rockin' rendition of "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window."”

“n past years, national headliners have performed, including Styx, LeAnn Rimes, the Monkees and Billy Idol. This year the block party focuses on mainly Valley acts. The sprawling event features seven stages with nearly 40 musical acts, from modern rock band Digital Summer to country crooners Firefly to indie group Future Loves Past.”

“Future Loves Past is a Tempe-based folk-pop band that combines mature vocals over lively beats. I find myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head every time I hear their four-song EP, released in September. The self-titled EP is currently available on Bandcamp. Members Eric Palmer and Tristan DeDe played in multiple bands for over three years before forming Future Loves Past with Mike Anderson, Sarah Hibner, Enrique Naranjo and Sean Wintrow in September 2010. According to DeDe, the band will begin working on another EP as soon as possible and hopes to release music videos and go on small tours in the near future. The Spec interviewed DeDe, read what he has to say about the local music scene and why music is like film…”

“Friday December 9th brought a local show to the Crescent Ballroom, that was just what I’d been waiting for. Future Loves Past, Ladylike & What Laura Says shared a bill and an equally great venue. I went into it with high expectations, and they sure delivered a rambunctious rumble like that of a fright train roaring though my ears at full speed. From start to finish, the energy was that of non-stop fireworks show exploding in the sky; leaving traces of smoke in the shapes it created, lingering long enough to enjoy before the next round was shot into the sky for us to all share. Full disclosure, I’ve seen Future Loves Past play at least once a week since moving here 7 months ago. Most weeks, it’s been easily 2-3 times. From countless Fridays over at Long Wong’s, psychedelic house parties, and most notably at the Sail Inn on Dec 3rd for 15 bands jam packed into 10 hours all in honor of their EP release show. I was especially excited to see them play at the Crescent Ballroom...”

“My whole thing is, if I needed a mind-enema, this is that track [laughs]. You can clear your mind, and just enjoy the music. My dad played acoustic guitar his whole life, so anything that has any acoustic in it, I like a lot. It was real fun, and had great energy. My initial reaction was, "Starbucks!" I could hear this in a Starbucks. If you make it to the Starbucks playlist, you have made it [laughs]. I could see this there in a year, it has that feeling that just calms you, opens you up, clears your mind. The thing that I love about being raised in a house full of music is that you can tell when someone is doing it because they love it. You can tell like that [snaps] when they are doing it for the check. You can feel the love in the music, just wanting to do it because you have to do it. These guys definitely have that. I'm going to download this EP.”

“Less like a concert, more like music festival with your entire music family. How does a band barely past it’s one year anniversary, from Tempe Arizona, pack out 500 total capacity venue, in the cold December rain, from 4:00 in the afternoon, until 2 am? Meet Future Loves Past (FLP) via the Tempe music scene. Future Loves Past kicked off their much anticipated first EP release party at the Sail Inn Tempe, on December 3rd, 2011. The band brought 14 of some of their closest sibling bands to play in the venue which was prepared for a dense and enthusiastic crowd. The venue steadily filled with a mix of people from the band’s family and siblings, to the Sail Inn regulars, to miscellaneous attendees brought in by marketing; to an all star cross section of the various who’s who of other well known local music scenes. To those of us from the Long Wong’s Firehouse home base, it was all family: extended family, and those who aren’t in the family yet.”

“For the past year, Future Loves Past has been playing around town, rocking the Valley with their '70s rock-meets-indie sound, but something was missing. They built up a solid fan base, but those fans couldn't really hear the band outside of local shows. Now, with the release of their first EP, a self-titled disc, fans can actually physically hold and download their music. Plus, they're throwing a hell of a party Saturday. Fourteen local players, including Dry River Yacht Club, Mergence, Banana Gun, Japhy's Descent and more, will join in their release celebration at Sail Inn, starting at 4:30 p.m. We spoke with singer and guitarist Mike Anderson about their big bash, the pressure for perfection and what's in the future for Future Loves Past.”

“On November 30, 2011, local indie/psychedelic rock band Future Loves Past played a fantastic live set from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm on the Memorial Union North Stage. ASU students came together to watch one of Arizona’s up-and-coming soulful rock acts perform during their daytime set outside of the MU. Future Loves Past is a band that brings together six talented musicians to form one powerful musical entity. They combine various styles of rock, including psychedelia, indie, folk, soul, and more. The charismatic group captured the essence of unique rock music through their distinctive use of harmony and melody to produce an individual sound. Students, faculty, and staff alike came together on Wednesday to enjoy the band’s talented display of rock and harmonics. The band further displayed their talents, switching instruments for some songs and playing with ease.”

“Future Loves Past was up next who were set to present selections from Rubber Soul, or as I like to refer to it, the first truly great Beatles album. I had already heard them do other Beatles covers at various gigs around town before and, with that in mind, I simply could not wait for this set. I sensed this would be epic and I was not wrong. All in all, they played six selections from Rubber Soul and one set venerated favorite from Let It Be and in the end the result was absolutely amazing. They opened the set with a true and tried version “Run For Your Life,” which is one of my favorite mid-period numbers from the Fab Four and the nailed it from the vocals to the hints of country tinge to every detail that made the song as dangerous and rocking as it was when it first came out. It was a hell of a way to start a set and it further launched the evening into the stratosphere.”

“This week we are presenting two bands who are new to the podcast: Future Loves Past and John Henry’s Revenge. Tetra is also here to help you get in the holiday spirit with a track off of their new album. It’s really hard to believe how many great bands have been popping up in Phoenix over the past couple of year. Ok, maybe not that hard… I guess any place where you are forced to stay indoors for half of the year will produce at least a few great groups. Grab some Kaleidoscope Coffee, relax and enjoy the show.”

“Future Loves Past. In the timespan of a year they have gone from being a band that made me smirk with the potential I saw in them to a full on revolution of sight, sound and mindblowing kinetic ferocity–they have exceeded the potential I saw by many lengths and no matter how many times I see them live I am moved by them, physically prompted to dance and left in amazement as the hazy daze they create dissipates with the final tones of their set still reverberating in the air. They have a way of controlling the vibe in the room and turning otherwise reticent onlookers into frothing, frenzied fans within the span of a set, they turn heads and ears their way and in the end, newcomers are bewildered and fascinated by what they’ve just witnessed, long time fans are satified with their fix and the crowd, young or old, virgin or veteran is always left wanting more, with consistent cries of “Encore, encore.””

“Now, they have released a four-song debut EP, available for free streaming online. It's a fairly amazing collection that represent their talents well. It opens with "Earth", a song of infectious perfection that just won't quit your soul. It's almost an unsurmountable task to shake it from your head after you give it a listen. "Mean Love" follows in its wake, dressed as a dreamy '70s style pop. It features a hypnotic guitar line and heavenly percussion that leads to the even dreamier lyrics, "Cause I live in a dream, I'm just a young one, that doesn't mean it's not love for a little while." One of my favorites, "Mountain" is laid-back Americana at its best, and one of the best slow-burning, building numbers that climaxes into a manic tumult I've heard, as it veers off with "Don't you say hi, just run away it's been too long." The EP finishes with the decidedly pop skewed "Outsiders", which features heavenly ascending harmonies, with a finale that leaves you hanging in ephemeral space.”

“From their late September self-titled EP, "Earth" lives up to its name with organic, chime-y sounds and Modest Mouse-style quirks.”

“Some people think insects are gross, but no matter what, they seem to get your attention every time you see one. Future Loves Past are attention grabbers too, which is why you should check out their upcoming show. Joining Future Loves Past on stage will be The Insects and TKLB. This will be The Insects' first-ever gig they will have played at Long Wong's Firehouse, mind you!”

“Let’s face it, it’s been a hell of a year for Future Loves Past and its been an amazing journey watching them blossom as four seasons have drifted through our lives. Over the course of the last I’ve caught probably ten shows (maybe more) and ever time I’d shake my head and say the same thing in understated astonishment: “They just keep getting better and better, everytime I see them.” Sometimes it was only slight improvement, other times, if I hadn’t seen them in a month or so, it was massive leaps in sonic triumph. I’ve seen them open for some of the best bands in town and they’ve quickly become a favorite of other local bands (many members of which were in attendance last Saturday) and I’ve seen them starting to headline and draw quite a crowd. It’s been quite a year for Future Loves Past.”

“Future Loves Past rocked a distinctively '70s vibe, recalling the guitar excursions of Neil Young while still keep their feet firmly in the indie-rock present.”

“Independent music takes center stage at this month’s Second Friday block party in downtown Mesa. IMP Fest includes Underground Cities, Todd Owens, Future Loves Past, Darkness Dear Boy, King MC, Tractor Pull Divas, Mahogany Birds and a drawing for a free guitar.”

“In April, the essential New Long Wong's band, Future Loves Past, will play every Friday. March goes to Banana Gun. June isn't set in stone, but will probably be Japhy's Descent.”

“Future Loves Past perform during the Echo Cloud SXSW AZ Showcase Fundraiser at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale on Saturday, January 7, 2011.”

“Regulars at the new Long Wong's have a new favorite band. What are they called again? They change their name practically every five minutes, but for now they're going by Future Loves Past and they're helping shape a special vibe for the venue, making it a hip hangout spot and a place to rock out even after last call.”

“When Future Loves Past plays, their sound is almost all-encompassing. Think neo-soul meets '70s rock, with a nod to current indie trends from bands like Yeasayer and Local Natives. It borrows lovingly from all genres and blends them together in a straightforward way that's easy to relate to and digest.”

“Best described by the term "Harmony Rock." With five voices, Tempe's Future Loves Past creates rich and complex harmonies that float over interesting, upbeat melodic hooks that make you groove. With easily interpreted lyrics and melodies, the band creates songs that has first time listeners are singing along.”

“I believe it’s apparent to any one that enjoys the current music scene, in this vast metropolitan sprawl, that Future Loves Past is quickly becoming one of the top bands to be found around town these days. Their fans certainly know this and they’ve developed a hell of a following in nearly eighteen months time, but additionally, they’ve gained the respect and admiration of their peers—many veteran peers to the scene in fact. Let’s face it, there’s something special about this band that appeals to ears from nearly every walk of life and sound. They are able to engage those who choose so many tonal aesthetics that the crowds and their reactions at their show are almost completely surreal. At their most recent show I attended I saw their fans of course, but also watched new, sure to be, devotees who could not resist dancing wildly or at the very least shaking their heads in amazement at the sound and music that was blowing their minds.”

“Paul then goes on to tell me how he used this laptop to record a jam session while stuck in El Paso with Paul and members of Sun Ghost and Future Loves Past (which I really hope sees the light of day in the near future).”

“The band did retain the services of organ player Travis Engler for the record and invited Mikel Lander from the Sugar Thieves to add a bluesy dobro coda to "Trouble," a track that also features background vocals from their friends in Future Loves Past.”

“Up on the Sun: I've gotta say that song "Trouble" was one of the songs that brought a wide grin to my face, how it goes from a rock song to this cranky Tom Waits track without warning. Nic Dehaan: That's the one song on the record we have all our friends playing on the record. Kevin Loyd: Future Loves Past just came back all hungover form San Diego and they sang background vocals. And we had Mikel Lander from the Sugar Thieves sing and play dobro on the end of that.”

“... Last Saturday it felt I had been saving myself for that evening when they would cause a minor apocalypse in my dancing soul while I watched them with sweat stained eyes in stunned aural ecstasy. I have never seen them play better, sound better or stretch themselves to the height of their powers like that. On two songs they played from their debut EP I could only think that they needed to be re-recorded now, because they had changed so much for the better, it’s what their fans deserved. The set list doesn’t really matter, a song by song replay wouldn’t do it justice—for as much as I danced and drenched myself in the energy of Future Loves Past, I watched a crowd of hundreds respond in kind. I heard people that had never seen them before make off handed comments to their friends say, “These guys are fucking unreal,” or “I can’t even believe this is happening” and “Did you hear that? Did you fucking hear that?!?””

“With the taste of a sold out Crescent Ballroom show fresh in their mouths, Future Loves Past will play Rogue bar right before a short break from shows, or so I’ve heard. As good rumors would have it, they will be recording again really soon and taking a quick and probably much needed break from live shows, undoubtedly returning with a vengeance and a new album. But please note that this is all speculation gathered and put together from overheard conversations, wire tapping and private journal entries. Joining them is Cassiopeia, Mighty Unlisted and This Comes Alive.”