Future Kings / Press

“When The Future Kings, a Kansas City band signed to Columbia-based record label The Nation of Love, released its latest album, “Logos,” Dec. 12, it skipped CDs entirely and opted instead for vinyl records.”

“Three bands into Saturday's show, and I was already feeling pretty stoked about the event, surprising given that Kansas City has played host to a myriad of local and national music festivals over the last month. I feared that concertgoers may have been too weathered and weary to attend, in force, yet another local music fest, but as I walked outside to catch a set from the Future Kings, my fears were quelled. Now the patio's attendance was growing steadily, and people were swigging back the cocktails to keep warm. As the Future Kings, led by singer Jules Starr and her drummer brother, Brett Pippin, rocked through experimental indie numbers that featured lots of beautiful vocal harmonies, the crowd swayed and danced along, growing in its energy and enthusiasm. By the end of the set, the crowd demanded an encore from the Future Kings. As the sound girl said: "Give the people what they want."”