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“Power rock outfit Fuser are one of New Zealand’s most popular rock bands in recent years. The band have been receiving international praise and gaining new fans from all over the globe. Fuser’s latest single The Rules is a hard heavy hitting single with more grunt than a Bugatti Veyron. Ian from Fuser says “Its an exciting time for the band at present as this is our 6th single to go to radio and we have had some phenomenal success with radio stations all over the globe picking up our past releases, so we hope this one follows in the foot steps of our past releases”. Promoted worldwide by Musik Radio Promotions ,Fuser’s last release 600 Cops topped the radio playlist charts in the US. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/fuserband”

“New single for Fuser - Safe to Say. The single is from their yet-to-be-named third album. It will be released through Do IT Records and distributed worldwide through US-based distributor Music and Film. With deliciously arranged instruments and emotive vocals from front man, Ian Black, Safe to Say is different to previous Fuser tracks. And the line, “I think it’s safe to say you’re not the only one who’s been in love” reveals a softer side to the “riff masters”. “The song is about a conversation with someone less experienced who is going through a broken relationship,” says Black. Safe to Say and the upcoming album, which has a tentative release date of September 2015, was recorded at Show Pony studios in Auckland. “It was self-produced with help from Show Pony’s Amos Clarke,” says Black. Black says the album is more diverse than earlier efforts. “It’s got bluesy tracks, some electronica as well as our usual style,” he says.”

“Sell Me Out Gets International Radio Play Fuser’s latest single, Sell Me Out, is being broadcast by 3-4000 FM and Internet radio stations worldwide. Recently, US-based radio pluggers Music and Film agreed to promote the song. Now, Sell Me Out is averaging 3,600 plays a week in territories which include the USA, UK and Asia. “It’s a real vote of confidence because Music and Film only promote music they think will work,” says lead singer, Ian Black. “They must know their market because Sell Me Out started getting played immediately.” Black says that the airplay will be very good for Fuser’s brand". He doesn’t yet know what the financial return will be, though. “We’ll just have to wait and see,” he says. Fuser plans to continue promoting Sell Me Out for 3-4 months and then release another song. Black: “It takes about three months for people to take any real notice of a song and a year to 18 months for a band to properly established their brand".”

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“Fuser, Auckland’s Monsters of Atomic Rock, announce the release of their first mobile App. Available for FREE download from the iTunes App store, fans can now keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Fuser from the convenience of their iPhones. All of Fuser’s music can be purchased from the App. And to celebrate their entry into the mobile world, Fuser has put together a special package deal, only available from the App: You can now download Fuser’s latest single and video, Sell Me Out, plus their first and second album at a special price for Fuser fans. A whole NEW ‘World Of Make Believe’.....at your fingertips. Please download the App for more information. The App features regular feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation and YouTube providing easy access to the band’s music and videos. There is also a news section and plenty of photos. Fuser can now interact with fans like never before. Check it out in the App Store keyword Fuserband”

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“Fuser nominated for US music awards Fuser, Auckland’s Monsters of Atomic Rock, announce the nomination of their video Sell Me Out for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Hollywood, California, USA. Their soon-to-be release video, Sell Me Out, was selected from a pool of international acts to compete for the ultimate award to be announced at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on November 21st this year. “As a Kiwi band, it is really cool to be recognized,” says the Fuser’s front man, Ian Black. “Someonewho’s running a large music awards in the States actually said ‘yes, I like what these guys are doing.’” The nomination is a great opportunity for Fuser to gain international attention. “It’s a great chance for us to spread our wings in the States,” he says. The HMMA will be televised throughout the United States to 100 million subscribers. Celebrity hosts include Adam Gaynor (Matchbox 20), Gilby Clarke (Guns and Roses) and radio host Samantha Phillips.”

“Fuser, Auckland’s Monsters of Atomic Rock, announce the pending release of their latest single and music video, Sell Me Out. Both the single and accompanying music video will be available worldwide on the 25th of July as a deluxe packaged download or streaming in over 750 stores globally including Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, 7Digital, Emusic and of course iTunes. Singer/guitarist Ian Black says the video is like nothing the band has done before. “I really don’t know how to describe it … there must be eight or nine things happening at any one time, it’s just full on!” says Black. It’s one hell of an angry song. The guitar riff and chorus, has shades of Nirvana and is so infectious it makes you want to run down the street smashing shop windows. Sell me out has also been nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in Hollywood, California, USA. This nomination promises more valuable international exposure to the band, as they promote themselves into the USA.”

“Auckland atomic rockers Fuser have announced they will be supporting multi-million selling American band Everclear over two Auckland gigs from October 17. Everclear are touring in support of their new album, Invisible Stars, and will be performing two shows in Auckland venues, including Juice Bar and Studio. “Everclear are huge and we are looking forward to performing with them,” says Fuser singer/guitarist, Ian Black. Black says that the gigs coincide with the release of Fuser’s new single and video for their song Late December, of their album World of Make Believe. “It’ll be great to get back in front of a live audience again,” says Black.”

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““Auckland four-piece Fuser are another band who we are proud to unleash on the world’s unsuspecting ears. This track will get into your head and refuse to leave. If you like the Foo Fighter’s simple approach to rock then these guys will be right up your street.””

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