Fury III / Press

“When you talk to Fury III singer-guitarist Stephen Nutt, you get the feeling that one day, as he's being led away in handcuffs, his neighbors will be standing in their front yards saying to reporters, "He seemed like such a nice guy." And he does. But it's only after talking with Nutt for a while that you begin to notice his quirks. Like when he . . . approached us at the CD release party for Fury III's EP Poor Me a few months ago, offering us a couple of razor blades, saying cryptically, "You might need these." Whatever. We learned a long time ago that when Nutt does things like that, he's probably joking. At least we hope he is. Besides, Fury III's music (think early Kinks, then stop thinking) is enough to make up for Nutt's skewed sense of humor. Just don't take anything he says too seriously. Fury III performs on Thursday at Club Dada, 2720 Elm. The show starts at 10 p.m. and will be broadcast live on broadcast.com.”

“October 4 is a busy day for the dynamos at Direct Hit Records; that's when the record release party for the new Girl 10-inch and Stephen Nutt's 7-inch as Fury III happens at the Vickery Tavern. Both bands will play, and the fun starts about 9ish...”

“Fury III recently released the four-song Fat Free EP, a recording future guitar hero Stephen Nutt modestly describes as "if the Kinks' Something Else had been performed by The Who on Live at Leeds." The disc is a sneak peak at the band's forthcoming debut full-length, which is going by the working title of Uphill, Loaded. When is it forthcoming? Hmm...eventually? Nutt's not sure, so Fat Free will have to tide you over for the time being. To help keep you sated, the band has a pair of upcoming shows scheduled: October 23 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, opening for The Dismemberment Plan, and an in-store at Good Records on October 28 at 4 p.m. If nothing else, we're sure you can pick up a copy of the new EP on one of those occasions. And you should, because it's, you know, good and stuff...”

“It was likely the best three-band bill downtown has hosted in ages, in an unlikely spot. Fury III, Sorta and the Sparrows at the Liquid Lounge felt like an accidental jackpot or a secret club, and the bulk of the Thursday-night audience was other Dallas musicians. Everyone knew everyone, so drinks all around--and hey, isn't that your amp up there? But let's get this incestuous little story straight: Sorta's keyboard player and drummer both once played bass in Fury III. And said keys player, Carter Albrecht, is the front man of the Sparrows, though he occasionally sits in with Fury III. Or does he? Nonetheless, the vintage Hammond organ, which belongs to Steve Nutt of Fury III, is much coveted by Sorta, and Albrecht can really make it sing, though he won't during his band's set because then he's playing guitar.”

“An affinity for Beckett provides Nutt's songs with an undercurrent of bitterness and uselessness. The music may be bouncy, but the songs are filled with allusions to betrayal and inertia. A song like "Kickstand" off the Direct Hit single sounds almost breezy if you don't pay strict attention to the lyrics, which include lines like "I was dreaming again this morning about breaking your arms." As Nutt reads some of the lyrics, he says, "It's actually a cherry-pop song." For a second, he looks like he actually means it. ”

“Best evidence that the local music scene is better than Austin's (Despite what Texas Monthly says) Thursday, Sep 21 2000 The Adventures of Jet, Baboon, The Baptist Generals, Captain Audio, Centro-matic, Chomsk, [DARYL],The Deathray Davies, Fury III . . . The New Year, The Paper Chase, Pleasant Grove,The Polyphonic Spree. And there's more where these came from. ”