FunkyJahPunkys / Press

“FunkyJahPunkys is about a philosophy and the inspiration of the youth to make a local difference”

“Ice-T Rocks Corporate Takeover”

“So there's a band called The FunkyJahPunkys, first of all.”

“Hip-Hop Legend Ice-T teams up with The FunkyJahPunkys- “Corporate Takeover””

“Giant J is a postmodern American hero”

“Wednesday night local kids rocked out at the Coquille Community building to the sound of the FunkyJaPunkys”

“FunkyJahPunkys are all OVER the place, doin' cool things and movin' up the ladder”

“UMC Childrens Benefit Show Rocked!”

“Mr. Black of the FunkyJahPunkys in Guitar World Magazine for the 4th straight month!!”

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the FunkyJahPunkys got up there and went nuts!"

"The FunkyJahPunkys are taking the flag into the teeth of the dragon"

"The FunkyJahPunkys have definitely made a lasting impression on many of Coquille's young people"

"Their shows are manic outbursts of energy, their tunes are boundless and they always seem to be having the time of their lives"

“The FunkyJahPunkys and Shotguns-N-Gasoline are heading out on tour. The 12-day tour takes the two local stoner groups from Chico, Calif., to Seattle with stops in Oregon as well.”

"Frontman Giant J managed to trod, sit on and jump off of or onto just about everything in the venue, including the bar and pool table"

"Funky good times Vegas' Punkys take pursuit of fun seriously"

"Have you heard of the FunkyJahPunkys yet?, if not, you will!"

"like the best punkers from every era (Do you remember the 'Dead Kennedys'???)...

"Frontman Giant J is just what a frontman should be, in your face and entertaining, and he was all OVER the place, on the tables, on the bar, hangin' off the walls, swingin from the rafters, if there were any, just a blast all the way around."

"Frontman Justin Gulley aka GIANTj bedazzled the crowd with his height-defying acrobatics as he brought his high energy punk polemics to an enraptured crowd"

"The FunkyJahPunkys are one of those bands that go above and beyond their commitment to the industry"

"The FunkyJahPunkys, now there's some guys that don't want to sit still"