Funktional Flow / Press

“Who?: Jeff Kuebler, guitar and vocals; Ben Whelan, bass and vocals; Jim Edgar, drums; What?: A hybrid of rock, reggae, blues, folk and various permutations of each. Why?: Over the past few years, Funktional Flow has grown into its collective skin, emerging as a genuine force on the still-burgeoning Western New York jam band scene. Already presiding over a sizable and loyal Buffaloarea following, the band has made significant steps toward creating a presence throughout the Northeast. There is a welcoming, easygoing veneer to the music, but don’t be misled —beneath the surface is a depth of astute musicianship and a highly developed sense of musical interplay. What’s next?: The band shares a bill at 10 tonight inside Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St.) with Peanut Brittle Satellite, the Hydration Concept and the MKGs. Check Out: funktionalflow.com jmiers@buffnews.com ”