Funkotron / Press

“Weird Magazine writes, "The Energy Funkotron put out was intense and grooving with sick sounding funk rhythms that border with psychedelic jazz. The funky riffs were so tight, I had to step back and slap myself!"”

Russle Dobden - Weird Magazine

“San Marcos’ own Funkotron has been entertaining crowds for nearly three years with their distinct blend of funk, jazz and jam music. The band headlined at The Triple Crown on Saturday night to a packed house of dancing fans. “We each have our own styles and no one is trying to push too hard in one particular direction.” Funkotron’s members each bring their unique musical training to the table, blending musical inspirations from a variety of genres including jazz, funk, rock, Latin and flamenco. The band exudes a laid-back attitude when it comes to their music, rarely using a set list for their shows. They prefer to let music let the music come naturally as the show progresses.”