The Funkoars / Press

“The Funkoars are one of the only local bands I know of at the moment to have garnered such a cult following. Since their inception back in 2003, the four MCs have been throwing down some hilarious rhymes and beats all around the place, garnering them a solid reputation as both a live act and as decent producers. Their latest offering, The Quickening, follows the same wit that The Funkoars have become well-associated with, but delivers an album full of punch, fifteen tracks strong.”

“This album gave me everything I could want from one of Australia’s best. These guys have once again produced a quality collection that with out a doubt screams classic Funkoar character. Known for their sharp and clever lyrics and unique sound, these professional partiers continue to surprise me.”

“It's one thing for a group to sample a well known song, but when a group can sample a less known track and make it their own, the group has some talent. - Black Sally”

“No doubt about it: The Funkoars have earned their position as one of the nation’s best acts, in the headphones or live on the mic. Let it reign on ‘em.”

“Their music explodes into your ears, filled with passion and bile, the production loud and aggressive while still being cool, smooth, and funky.”