Funeral Age / Press

“Cannot quite believe it's been 13 years since this goodie came out: "Fistful Of Christ", this 7-track debut record from these Seattle based icon-smashers and blasphemers FUNERAL AGE, worked as a good road sign for what was to come from this vicious sounding bunch about 7 years later (which was the band's follow-up album, titled "Thy Martyrdom Come" in case you were wondering). Recorded as a 3-piece band, "Fistful Of Christ", blends intellectually some vital elements from Death, Thrash and Black Metal, sort of doing their style into the vein of early sound of Swedish DISSECTION, in which melodies do play a very important role within the music. Compared to the band's follow-up record, "Thy Martyrdom Come", FUNERAL AGE's debut is slightly rawer and more old school-ish effort, having more sheer testosterone-oozing power squeezed into the songs - and overall attacking on our faces a bit more shamelessly and ruthlessly than the songs on their brilliant, more refined ...”

“Seattle, Washington based Black / Thrash Metal act FUNERAL AGE is one of the most recent positive surprises that have crossed my way over these passing months. These leather, spikes and bullets belts wearing 4 fellows have seriously recorded an album that reeks of all kinds of awesomeness. There's 8 lengthy songs on "Thy Martyrdom Come", each song being from approx. 6 and half minutes to 8 and half minutes, containing of over 1 hour of very well performed, melodic, intense and somewhat catchy Black / Thrash Metal that also carries proudly the old school tag nicely along with the music. FUNERAL AGE have this certain melodic finesse of DISSECTION, rawness of POSSESSED and intensity of ANGELCORPSE - all of these 3 elements successfully put to use on the album in a solid way. There are really no dull moments on the "Thy Martyrdom Come" record even if one might skeptically think if your songs are about to cross 7 or 8 minute marks...”

“Well this is a trip back in time. I reviewed Funeral Age's first disc, Fistful of Christ, back in 2003, in my first year as a reviewer here. I always tried to keep an eye out for more from them, but it seems this one slipped past me. Thy Martyrdom Come was released in 2010 on the band's own dime, and it took me a bit of work to get ahold of it. This doesn't have the slick, well-produced gloss of a more expensive album, no clickety-click of gated drums and high-speed technicality. What this band does have is heaviness to spare, old-school conviction, and a sense of musicality that would shame many so-called melodic bands. These songs are long, complex without being busy, and filled with a flowing and addictive sense of melody and phrasing. This is one extreme band that does not suffer the delusion that playing Death Metal excuses them from real songwriting or from playing good riffs. Funeral Age never use speed or heaviness to cover up deficiencies, but rather as tools to accentuate...”

“Seattle melodic black/death outfit Funeral Age shriek, growl and rumble through an extensive set full of their thick, melodic hybrid attack somewhere in the neighborhood of early Morbid Angel or Swedish melodic death. As you can see from the pics below the getup was complete with spikes and studs. I picked up a copy of both of the bands full-lengths, Fistful of Christ and Thy Martyrdom Come (self-released on the band’s very of Thousand Funerals label), as well as a T-shirt all for less than $20. There will be a full write-up on the former as well as maybe a feature on SONWD since I’ve been jamming it in my car nonstop. These guys will be opening up for the might Possessed at El Corazon in February. Get your fat ass up and go occupy a venue.”

“And then we got the chance to see another Seattle band who I’ve heard good things about — black metallists Funeral Age. Their set was killer and I’ve now got their latest album, which I’m looking forward to ingesting. More likely, it will ingest me.”