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“Full Tipped Sleeve may have started out as a cover band, but they've grown into one of the biggest names on the Ottawa indie music scene. Lead singer Hannah Fraser has an unforgettable voice that's a little bit Florence Welch and a whole lot of awesome. They call the nation’s capital home and have graced the pages of countless local publications such as The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, and Ottawa Magazine. If you did not get the chance to catch this group at the Ottawa Folk Festival in September, you should definitely like them on Facebook and keep up to date with their upcoming shows. Full Tipped Sleeve should not be missed!”

“Full Tipped Sleeve is a band that I can guarantee will get you up and dancing. Having played many shows in Ottawa, they have experience far past their years. My favourite quote about them ”…the original material showed much more maturity than age of the band members and much more maturity in song writing and structure than most of the bands in the 88.5 Big Money Shot (including some of the finalists)”- Ala Qadi, Live Music Metropolis, could not be closer to the truth. The song writing ability of Full Tipped Sleeve is only bested by their live performance.Their originals are pumped up, and their covers well picked, making them a great addition to any live show, as anyone who saw them at the Ottawa Folk Festival this past September can attest to.”

“Here’s one of those bands I just don’t know what to do with. They seem too young to be this good, and they just don’t fit into a simple mould, which would make my job a lot easier. They are rock, pop, have a country flavour on some tracks, less so on others. This could be the process of a band trying to find themselves, and in the process of defining their sound. Part of me hopes they never find “their sound” because what I hear is so good, I’d hate for it to change. They particularly blow away genre barriers with the rock-your-socks-off track, Funk, which you can hear on this episode. Seriously, it’s called Funk. These are brave young souls, and I hope this is only the beginning of their career. ”

“Lengthy interview and 3 songs played. Meg Wilcox asks Full Tipped Sleeve about how they started, where they are now, their 1st CD and their 2nd CD in the works - playing Ottawa Bluesfest and their upcoming show at Ottawa Folk Fest.”

“Dylan Black of 101.9 DAWG FM interviews Full Tipped Sleeve about their music and spins a couple of their tunes and asks them how they were formed. He asked them about their upcoming Folkfest show. He also asked about some of their more memorable shows and balancing University, work and the band.”

Dylan Black - 101.9 DAWG FM

“The Ottawa Folk Festival is poised for a new generation of fans and performers, like Full Tipped Sleeve. Once the domain of a grey-haired demographic in sensible shoes, the 2012 folk festival is poised to attract a whole new generation of music fans. People like 18-year-old Hannah Fraser, whose indie-rock band, Full Tipped Sleeve, performs at the festival on Sunday. It will the first folk festival for her and many of her friends. “It’s perfectly laid out for people my age,” enthuses the singer, a first-year student at the University of Ottawa. “With all the different performers, I feel there’s a huge draw. It’s going to be a really exciting experience. There are a lot of bands we know, and it’s exciting to be playing alongside them.”

“Full Tipped Sleeve is an energetic indie rock band based in Ottawa, Canada. The 5 piece band consists of sister and brother, Hannah & Joe Fraser, along with Charles Bergeron, Owen Maxwell and Sean Mallia. The band plays drums, lead, rhythm and bass guitars, synthesizer, cowbell and acoustic guitars. Rock, Blues, Classical, R&B and Pop inflected originals and covers that cross many genres make up the band’s distinctive sound. The vocal range by both Hannah and Owen stems from years of classical training and performance – “gorgeous vocals cut through the mix” – Kevin Selby of the Kevin Selby Experience in Washington, DC. All members have an extensive musical background and they use this expertise to create interesting music with funky beats, distinctive riffs and powerful vocals. “…the original material showed much more maturity than age of the band members and much more maturity in song writing and structure than most of the bands in the 88.5 Big Money Shot (including som”

“And it was a great surprise, I was impressed, an it is not easy for me to get impressed by underground local bands. This is a very young talent from Ottawa. The original material showed much more maturity than age of this band members and much maturity in song writing and structure than most of the bands in the 88.5 Big Money Shot (Including some the finalists) and small local bands fail to do. I must say that the band's guitarist was very talented and with right support he should go along way, and probably capable of a solo career of his own if he puts his mind into it.”

“Building on their recent success, Glebe-based rockers FullTippedSleeve will have the chance to return to the place where the band got their start two years ago when they take to the Cisco Bluesfest stage on Sunday July 17. Though the group enjoys playing music, the mix of practice, performances and school work can prove to be challenging sometimes, especially during exam weeks.”

“Young, fresh and talented. Those are three words which can easily describe Ottawa band Full Tipped Sleeve. The local band plays Bluesfest on July 17. This is not a new gig for the indie rock band, which has played at Bluesfest before, but as part of the music festival's programs. "We are so excited," said Hannah Fraser during an interview. "We didn't expect this to happen." There is no telling what the future may hold for this band, but one thing is clear: they're not leaving any time soon.”

“The Rockpile in Toronto goes wild for Full Tipped Sleeve! People ask where he gets his talent – he says he just loves to play. He is the lead guitarist for the alternative rock band, Full Tipped Sleeve. They play everything from alternative rock, pop to acoustic – a very versatile band. Since then, Full Tipped Sleeve has played the Ottawa Bluesfest for a second time, Mavericks, Capital City Music Hall twice, the Rainbow several times, the Civic Centre and many other local venues. As well they just finished 5 shows in which they were the pit band for the musical, GleeBE. They are still getting great feedback from their performances...As of this weekend, they played the Rockpile in Toronto. They had won 16 hours of recording in an Ottawa band competion against 15 other finalists so they booked their Toronto trip to record and play a local venue. The crowd loved them!!”

“Glebe rockers hit the road for first out-of-town show. Full Tipped Sleeve is set to hit the road this week when they play a show at The Rockpile, a Toronto nightclub. They play original music that ranges from edgy alternative rock to a unique blend of blues and pop styles as well as a repertoire of cover songs, ranging from alternative, classic, acoustic and pop tunes.”