Full Story At Midnight / Press

“Let me just say that I have done a lot of interviews (I can’t wait to do even more), but these responses are some of the best that I’ve gotten.”

"This band has the recipe, ingredients and potential to blow up in a major way..."

"...Their debut album is an explosive riot of sound with a raw live feel which makes it coarse but fully engaging and organic, the passionfsamcolor and energy of their richly flavoured horror rock a coarse and incendiary gnaw on the senses... No Rest For The Rotten is an album to re-animate any dormant rock n roll hearts and invigorate the living dead, and suggests that if you give Full Story At Midnight the studio and tools to fully bring out their undeniable invention and craft then the living best start running."

“At midnight we saw Full Story At Midnight take over, ready to fucking rock the house. These guys are energetic on stage and obviously passionate about what they do.”

“Full Story at Midnight are horror punk at it's best!”

“Punk Rock night at Vaudeville Cabaret, Thursday April 19, 2012 Featuring the NecroBerries, ZERO-D-FEX and Full Story at Midnight!”

“Horror rock veteran Elvis Aron Deadly and I sat down for a conversation the other night, at the Evergreen Cemetery during the last cycle of a full moon. Although Elvis didn’t turn into a rock and roll werewolf complete with a guitar made of human parts, he did go into depth about everything from the type of gear he uses, to how he keeps his hair up for days at time. The front man of the horror rock band-FULL STORY AT MIDNIGHT tells all and leaves nothing to the imagination inside this exclusive one on one interview with BSceneLive Magazine. Please keep in mind; this is not for the faint of heart! You’re going to have to read on to find out what he has to say- IF YOU DARE!!!”