Full Lush / Press

“Rock fans, specifically punk rock, can rejoice with like minded souls at Luckey’s. Full Lush serve’s up gutsy lyrics with a heavy dose of grunge bass. Their little tune “monkey eyes”* feels like a good song for the Duck’s defensive linebackers or a man angry at his woman, take your pick. Either way, I like the primal bass line and heavy beat. They claim to play “loud and hard”; I hear no reason to doubt that.”

“Full Lush’s influences are as broad as rock music itself can be. Throwing down a set that was everything from grunge, to punk, to 90’s alt, to verging on stoner metal, these guys sound like avid music fans and capable musicians and the same time. Their set plays like a noisy, raucous jukebox, perfect for a dirty, divey, all-things-rock club. Fun stuff.”