F to eMbody - Rocco Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir / Press

"McDaniel College is conservative and small, but we hosted a big, liberal dose of talent, awareness-activism, and thought provocation--Ftoembody was just what we needed. The day right after the show and workshop, students and faculty asked questions about gender, controversial subjects, and rocking the boat. Our boat needed a little bit of rocking, because we had never had an LGBT campus-wide event before, but we're looking to make Ftoembody a staple in our annual programming here on The Hill."

Masha Makhlyagina - McDaniel College

"The poignant eloquent exposition of Transgender identity united the Guilford Community in a lasting desire to learn more. F to eMbody is an event we intend to bring back year after year."

Sarah Eisenburg - Guilford College