FTF Records / Press

“Absolutely Amazing!”

Paul Gargas, Zipz Programming Network (Univ. of Akron) about Eclyptic

“Music NEEDS Lauren D'Aria ”

Gene Shelton - Former VP of Public Relations, Warner Bros. Music

“Pop Music. For Artsy F*%kers.”

Simon McCormick - The Albuquerque Alibi about The Zou

“As an artist, its incredibly difficult to entrust someone with your career. Jeff (Gargas, FTF president) is one of the hardest working people I've ever met and one of the only people I would put all of my trust and faith in.”

Maurice Martin - Lead singer, Winslow

“...Sean's music is amazing. It won't be long before he is way too famous to ever come back and see us .”

Steve Carlese, Executive Producer - The Opie and Anthony Show

“Winslow is poised for worldwide recognition”


“His (Jeff Gargas, FTF president/founder) energy and perseverence are to be admired!”

Katy Zupan - Former PR Consultant, FTF Records

“Sometimes good rock and roll is all you are looking for. If that's the case, then Silence So Loud's debut EP fits the bill. ...the band's tight rhythm section and big riff guitar work sealed the deal.”

Joey "J-Man" Giangola - sawkick.com

“...they (The Zou) will be a band that is influencing younger bands all over.”

Abraham White - subpopular.com

“Complex melodies, witty lyrics and dramatic passion. Excellent songs with a powerful delivery”

James Anthony - CDBaby.com about The Zou

“A Crazy Kind of Love - Oh my goodness, a real live band!”


“(FTF president)Jeff is hard working, passionate and has a clear vision for his artists. He works with them, instead of dictating to them how they should sound or what they should do.”

Ed Brennan - Regional Promotions Manager, Wind-Up Records

“(Eclyptic)...gives us hope for the future of modern popular music.”

Andrew Bero of Captain Braskey