FS / Press

"Over the past five years, alt-punk band FS has relished in consistency and a growing, loyal fan base - two things that have affored them the opportunity to really push the creative boundaries of their music"

“Cheers and Fears from the Past Year is a fully-realized, tightly-packed firecracker of an EP that weaves nods to genre forebears together with progressive sensibilities, yet manages to maintain traditional song structures. The end result is a new breed of pop-punk that is both ludicrously catchy and technically impressive.”

“A band that unmistakably executes visceral musicianship throughout their new effort is a mathy, punk trio named FS. This group thinks by no means is it necessary to step back from off the wall, melodic and intelligible playing for catchiness. From start to finish this EP is an absolute refresher compared to much of today’s more mainstream contributions, displaying reminisces of The Fall of Troy-esque crazy guitar work, to the likes of captivating and mathy rockers Damiera. Not to mention on the end of the last two tracks of this EP are ethereal sounding outros that incorporate pianos, strings and reverb’d guitars that will leave the listener a sense of appreciation and closure.”