Frozen Eternity / Press

“Frozen Eternity opened the show, which may may seem appropriate given the event’s name, but make no illusions, this band’s style is far from cold. Normally the first band to hit the stage is known as the warm-up band, but Frozen Eternity took the room’s temperature from lukewarm to blistering in a matter of a few seconds...Their solid pounding pulse was determined to drag you down into their aphotic depths. With a firm grasp on the death metal standard, Frozen Eternity effectively employs a keyboard that brings about a sense of melody and dimension rarely found in this genre of music. Tightly crafted, their songs didn’t melt into each other as with so many bands of this style…[T]hey kept the crowd engaged between songs encouraging the mosh, and finished strong leaving the crowd utterly energized and ready for more.”

“The Venue was full and the energy was consistent through the night with support from local metal act Frozen Eternity!”

“Pleasantly the night did start off on a good note. Colorado Springs very own, Frozen Eternity, unleashed there own brand of good old fashioned Death Metal onto a crowd that had finally began to make their way into the venue. With a very 21st century “Testament” like sound to their music and the downright amazing playing of drummer, Ryan Zahler, Frozen Eternity is a band that I will seek out to see and hear again!”

“Hailing from Colorado Frozen Eternity is an underground Metal act that seemed to be loved by everyone who knows them, and it is easy to see why. Frozen Eternity have a powerful sound that outmatches many of the metal bands of today. Their brutal riffs, insane solos and unique vocals make for quite the listening experience. The band started in 2005 originally consisting of 3 members but now have 6. Not even in a year’s time the band released their debut album by the name of Forgotten Past. The album kicks off with one of my personal favorites “Maelstrom”. They have an interesting way of kicking off their songs in this particular track we have some tympanis. Throughout the entire album excellent musicianship is demonstrated. The soloing from Frozen Eternity is simply phenomenal. The solos are very fast and technical. The fact is Frozen Eternity are an extremely technical band and never fail to impress...”