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“Rarely do titles so perfectly match the albums they represent. Frosthelm’s 2015 release is as cold and fierce as a shiv made of frozen blood, providing blackened thrash (or is it thrashy black metal?) with no frills and ample force. Whether it’s during a black magic ritual or a windows-down car ride around the neighborhood, The Endless Winter is a diabolical treat.”

“The album’s first track, ‘Glacial Eon,’ starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar/piano instrumental that reminds me of the first light dusting of snow at the beginning of winter. But just like every winter, that innocent dusting turns into a heavy treacherous snowfall. The remainder of “Endless Winter” is just thrash craziness, and it all starts with gifted guitarist Dakota Irwin. His speedy, devastating riffs and solos on tracks such as ‘Beneath Dead Horizons,’ ‘Hell Between Us,’ and ‘The Dragon’ come at you in waves. The intensity of his performance reminded me of this last Thanksgiving, when I was driving home and out of nowhere a snow storm hit. The flakes, just like Irwin’s riffs, were so blinding and hit my windshield at such a fierce pace, I was white knuckling the steering wheel for the rest of the trip.”

“Vocalist Tyler Pfliger is on his A-game, immediately sounding like a possessed soul trying to escape a dead body. The combination of melodic guitars, giant walls of riffs, and a killer bottom-end provided by bassist Jimmy Cherry and drummer Brian Helm will give you a lesson in what Frosthelm are capable of creating. “Forlorn Tides” keeps this momentum flowing but with more of an old-school thrash feel. Hyde’s production is second to none here. “Tomb of Sordid Ruin” slows it down a bit, and Pfliger’s vocals are stellar! This song really highlights Frosthelm‘s massive talent and shows that they are capable of kicking ass at any tempo. “Beneath Dead Horizons” brings back the ass-kicking with a different feel than the previous songs. It is more melodic and thrashy with some killer guitar solos. “The Dragon” is epic, almost Kreator-like, with riffs that are razor-sharp, and once again, Helm’s blasts are spot on.”

“The atmosphere of the disc remains frostbitten and true to the nature of black metal, yet it manages to upgrade and innovate the style by offering listeners much more than what we’d normally get at face value from a black metal act. The band thrash just as well as they utilize melody and I’m very much reminded of Dissection, as I’ve mentioned before with my Thulcandra reference. The songs might not be all that long, but they don’t need to be. Frosthelm isn’t the kind of band that needs to make extremely lengthy and perplexing cuts. They’ve got enough skill and muscular musicianship to catch your attention in the first few minutes and you’re going to notice that immediately.”

“After the melodic and melancholic first few seconds of lead in, Frosthelm seems intent on making sure that all bones in your neck are crushed to powder. While tracks like “Storm of Teeth” provide ample amount of technical thrashing, the band keeps it relatively diverse even within the consistency of its sound. “Endless Winter” carries an almost groove like swagger to its riffing, there is sheer chaotic force in “Forlorn Tides” with its rapid picking, and the almost death metal like intensity of the whole thing makes The Endless Winter a rather effective mix. If there were a comparison to make, it’s like thrashy late era Immortal took a nose dive into the technical modernity of early Arsis. It’s impressive to say the least.”

“You'll end up spitting frozen shrapnel after listening to some Frosthelm, look them up! Fair play is due to the lads. Frosthelm are a band that I badly want to see live after listening to this record; the energy, speed and aggression all make for a killer live show. As for the “The Endless Winter”, this is a buy. And at such a low price, it is a steal.”

“In all The Endless Winter is a scorching triumph, one of the best black-thrash records I’ve heard recently and a dazzling achievement by such a young band. I recommend this to anyone with the slightest interest in the style, particularly those who don’t mind frostbite or sore necks.”

“FROSTHELM have developed into a well-oiled machine; the way they connect and sync into each other is admirable. This EP is a unique fusion of musicianship, hard hitting riffs and intense thrash combined with massive melodies and catchy rhythms. Like the clammy hands of time it snatches you up from your sheltered existence and pulls your mutilated carcass into a menacing world of horrific possibilities and chilling consequences. It brings with it a presence, reminding me why I love metal, the rush it gives you, the truth it can speak, the power it gives a voice. As it digs into your soul, in that moment let it consume you.”

“Blackened thrash metal band Frosthelm may have only been together since 2009, but their sound shows a maturity well beyond their three years of formation. Hailing from Minot, North Dakota, Frosthelm have put together a very nice four song EP in The Northwinds Rend Flesh that should be listened to.”

“The guitar work is a sweet blend of traditional thrash riffage and melodic riffing similar to classic viking themed bands like Ensiferum or older Wintersun. The barrage of memorable riffs never let up, and the solos are pretty facemelting to boot. When layered up like on the intro of opening track, the the guitars and drums build up a massive blizzard-like feeling traditional to modern black metal before everything erupts into a giant avalanche of snow, ice, and +5 Greatswords of Frost. This torrent continues to bury you under it's unrelenting fury for the next 10 minutes and only lets up once the EP is over. Even then, you're stuck wondering what the fuck happened to you, and why you're covered in snow even though you've been indoors all day.”

“FROSTHELM is a young band and one that definitely needs the attention of a greater mass. “The Northwinds Rend Flesh” is a fierce release that jacks the speed of their Blackened Thrash sound to maximum. Perhaps its only saving grace is the fact that it’s a short EP. If it was any longer it might blend together a bit after leaving your face in a puddle on the floor. My suggestion is to support the underground scene, with FROSTHELM in particular, and listen to this release if you dare.”

““The Northwinds Rend Flesh” showcases some exceptional musicianship and intelligent songwriting. Seriously! The songs are so good that I couldn’t even begin to choose favorites! I would liken Frosthelm to the musical equivalent of a vicious blizzard, hurling football-sized chunks of razor sharp ice through the air at lightning speed.”

“Accosting the ear with a malicious caustic wash of thrash and black metal, the self-released EP The Northwinds Rend Flesh from US band Frosthelm is a savage and pleasing confrontation which rewards as fully as it punishes. It is a merciless abrasion, a release which scars and soaks the senses in filth coated nastiness whilst leaving them eager to feel and hear much more from the band.”

“I'll be looking forward to a full release from Frosthelm, but for the time being I will get by with these four amazing songs. In only a few tracks, these guys have shown what they can do, and what they can do is kick your ass and drag your corpse, bloodied and broken, through the cold, unforgiving tundra.”

“The Northwinds Rend Flesh - Well worth checking out. Only a sample of what these guys have to offer, and I want to hear more, damn it!”

“Frosthelm promises black/thrash mayhem composed in the middle of fucking nowhere, and they certainly deliver.”

“A great EP for fans of brutal melodic black/death with thrash influences. I look forward to hearing the full length from these guys,are they certainly deliver on this release! ”

“flooding our ears with catchy rhythms and passages that will make you move your neck without stopping.”

“Old Scratch's favorite new band.”

Radioactive metal

“Chillingly intense.”

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