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“Hey Fiends, Gonna keep it short n sweet this week. We have a huge weekend in the field for concert events, and we’re gearing up for this survival test. On Friday, we’re back at STATE THEATRE for the much anticipated DIO DISCIPLES concert. We are extremely stoked for this show. As you know, the band features members from DIO, AC/DC, LYNCH MOB, HEAVEN & HELL, YNGWIE, and more. It’s going to be amazing!! We also have kickass local support from ARCHANGEL, WAR OF THRONES, THE DOOD, FROSTFANG, VIRGIN DIRT, STEREO-TYPE..If you’re in town, DONT MISS IT!!”

“J-Rock and Patty the Radio Girl Events (all times EST) Friday Mar 28th, 2014 6:30P DIO DISCIPLES at The STATE THEATRE: w/ Archangel, War of Thrones, The Dood, Frostfang, Virgin Dirt, Stereo-Type .”

“*DIO DISCIPLES: We’re recovering from a three day weekend of huge concert events, so the dark, somber ride of CORROSION OF COVERS 2014 was the perfect remedy to soothe our souls. We have another 3 day weekend coming up (read below) but I just have to speak out on what an exciting weekend that just unfolded. On Friday we had the ‘amazing’ DIO DISCIPLES at State Theatre. At this point, this is easily our favorite show of the year so far. Not only did we get a chance to hang out with some of our favorite musicians of all time (all day long). But we were treated to such an epic set of amazing music that spanned Ronnie’s entire career..It literally blew everyone’s mind. It was also a very emotional set. I saw tears streaming down peoples faces..and we ‘never’ see that. Next week on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, we’ll be airing an emotional interview with guitar legend CRAIG GOLDY, and he’ll explain why the tears flow at every show. I am ‘sooo’ glad I fought hard to mak”

“I went to the Insomniacs Bar to see Joe Moves at their 7PM GIG as posted on their FB page - HMMMM. No Joe Moves. But there were four kids (I'm going to call them kids) getting ready to play their music at 7PM to a solid 8 people at the club. They blew the roof off that place – It was like the were performing for 10,000. Great show Frostfang you made me pick up my camera. Good times!”

"Frostfang took the stage second. Fusing sounds from the past and present into an intricate and complex melodic heavy metal sound, their music is as intense as it is brilliant " - Rockus Maximus VII. Promo Show #1 )

“All of the new bands were great, but I was especially amazed by two: Frostfang and Broke Mr. Jones. Frostfang blasted out some seriously insane metal guitar. I couldn’t believe they have such a masterful sound and are only 13, 15, 18, and 18 years old. They are definitely worth seeing again. Check out their music on Reverbnation,”

" Frostfang being their usual badass selves performing at Insomniacs Bar and Lounge :D \m/ "

"Saturday Jan 4th, The band FROSTFANG will be one of the opening bands for Stones of Madness, at the LOCAL 662. FrostFang has been honing their chops here at the Music Factory and have an 8 song release of great original material due in the near future. I invite all fans of good Hard Rock music to be there by 7PM. They will go on early but more than worth the cover!! See you there! " Marty Fouts

"FROSTFANG is easily the most bad-ass young metal band you'll see in the area. Not just good skills, but good tunes." ..." Get there early tonight for FROSTFANG (truly awesome young metal band you won't regret showing up early for) ".

“' I think MEGALITH ( NOW FROSTFANG) is probably one of my favorite band around here and I probably have seen 150 bands. Megalith megalith is cool because they bring a lot of songs that you know, if you listen to metallica, megadeath, iron maiden staff like that, and they put their own twist on it. In my opinion , I think they play what they are suited, they are suited very well to play that kind of staff, but they also come up with some kickass originals songs and they are just as good as their covers. I am gonna be looking forward to see them ( at gasline alley on feb //16/13)”

“Robby, Connor, and Steven went to see Megalith Heavy Metal Band ( NOW FROSTFANG) at Gasoline Alley Friday night, and needless to say, they were freakin' sweet! So if you haven't already, go throw a like their way and listen to their original songs!”

“MEGALITH ( now FROSTFANG), straight out of St Pete, delivers the greatest thrash and hard rock covers of the past few decades along with KICK ASS original material. Talk about opening up with a BANG!”

“Adam Bierman · Answered Megalith Heavy Metal Band ( now FROSTFANG) Megalith has started a paradigm shift in MUSIC”

" You are looking at the next super star band of 2013 "

“Harlie's It was my first time in your place last week (dec, 2011 and was really impressed. Good sound, excellent live music, nice vibe. Pretty cool. MEGALITH ( now Frostfang ) rocked the night last Thursday at open jam (12.29.11). Very impressed. Those boys are awesome. Please have them again. They sounded really good. Rock On From: Lana”

" You are looking at the nex super star band of 2013 "