Frostbite / Press

“It has a very up-front and personal evil genius approach to it and even dabbles in Heavy Metal and Goth Metal...”

“It’s rare to hear a band walk a fine line between Power, Passion and Darkness. Compton elects to share with us a very personal snapshot of what’s going on behind those two eyes of his”

“Overall it was one hell of a ride and many tracks bounced along well in my head even after the experience was over...”

“A few surprises spring out, as well as off-the-wall twists and turns, that will keep you listening all the way through intently.”

“The musical style refuses to be pinned into submission. The vocals are gritty and are deep in your grill, the guitar playing is hot to the touch, and some of the theatrical production touches are borderline brilliant...”

“This is an interesting goth rock/industrial record that starts off with a 4 minute intro that’s dark as hell with a direction that’s hard to explain other than it’s heavy, dark & moody...”

“Frostbite seem able to reduce Metal to its barest constituents: the monolithic reverbrations of over amplified guitars...”

"This is music for the devil himself to intone over..."

“Frostbite is a master of crafting darkly emotional tracks that resonate strongly with anyone lucky enough to listen...”

“This mix of classic rock sounds and anthems in some parts is a musical treat to the eardrums...”

“The Valentine and Other Stories of Hope LP from Frostbite takes the refreshing liberty both to stroll-, and to pummel through the extremities of its cultivated genre-palette...”

“This album is certainly full of highlights, where Christopher Lee Compton’s distinctive vocals, brand every track with the it’s trademark timbre...”

"My Darkest Dream" Frostbite relied on building atmospheres and tension which sustain the listener's interest to the very end...

"Venus In Furs" Ghastly, Evil, and Macabre This tune makes me grin from ear to ear. It's heavy and sludgy and doomy. I love that the bass is very front and center in the mix. It has a Marilyn Manson vibe to it. The tune is a great mix of metal and industrial with goth overtones.

"My darkest Dream" Catchy hooks. Driving beats. Wicked Vocals. A definite win! It has that Euro feel in the pacing and movement. The vocals are wicked; a cross between Geoff Tate and Rob Zombie. I'm thinking this track sounds totally bitchin' live! The drums are solid. The composition is full of dips and turns that keep the listener engaged. Everything flows quite nicely. It creates an ambiance of dark forests, evil full bearded Satan worshipers, packs of wolves, and cavorting around a large open fire.