Fronz Arp / Press

"It’s easy to figure out where the David Bowie comparisons come from after hearing just a few notes from Fronz Arp. The poppy sound and catchy beats certainly bring to mind one of Britain’s finest"

“These guys are weird. I think I'm in love”

Hoss the Boss

"Fronz Arp is a delightfully obscure musician in the spectrum of modern music. Bringing his twisted bohemian sounds into Australian music, Fronz Arp is sure to become a talking point in amidst the traditional rock sounds of Australia. With brilliantly diverse musicality, Arp’s versatile vocals and the use of less conventional instruments such as the kazoo and the ukulele, Fronz Arp is not afraid to be adventurous"

Traxx Radio

““...stop-start closer Love Is A Cruel Machine is a better cabaret tune than, say, anything by The Dresden Dolls"”

Rave Magazine

““...songs full of drama and action, designed to get pulses racing and yet still sounding both intricate and adventurous””

Rave Magazine