From the Woods / Press

“On Adam's contribution to $3 Band: The case is made over the self-titled album’s first three tracks. “Back at the Beginning” is a low-key number buoyed by lead singer and songwriter Adam Braunschweig’s unassuming baritone voice and laid-back acoustic guitar. Braunschweig is a fine folk songwriter – his song “Lull” won second place in American Songwriter’s lyric competition ”

“Press for Adam's songwriting: “Emmalene” is truly one of the more powerful songs on the album. I first heard this song during a solo, head-turning performance by Adam Braunschweig at a bar in New York, and the studio version sounds the same." ...The combination of Adam’s wonderful voice, and the untraditional tuning that the band chose, creates a unique and amazing sound. He exhibits both great guitar composition and execution on this track. ”