From The Fallen / Press

“May 2013 Indie Band Spotlight - From the Fallen”

“The band hails from Fresno, California, USA and delivers a perfect Rock meets Metal album, divided in 11 tracks.”

“From the Fallen = Pure Adrenaline”

“From the Fallen Indie band of the week -Consider yourselves turned on to a great band that is not only capable but deserving of your attention!”

“Meanwhile, From the Fallen is back from recording hibernation. The band's new album, "Pulse" is out Tuesday. You'll be able to find it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital platforms. You'll certainly hear a lot of it Saturday night, too ”

“This is an album which doesn’t just deliver, it goes above and beyond, leaving you safe in the knowledge that there are bands out there who can put together an album like this and still leave you wanting to hear more – so here’s hoping they get onto some recording sometime soon!”

“Revolver Magazine - MEGA 100 ISSUE - MB Agency Ad featuring From the Fallen”

“Alternative Press - MB Agency Ad Featuring From The Fallen - Jan 2012”

"A Force To Be Reckoned With!"

“Powerful and easy to connect to!”

“Revolver Magazine 9/11 - MB Agency- Featuring - From the Fallen”

“Oct 2010 Issue Featured Band "From the Fallen"”

“Artist You Should Know "From the Fallen"”