From the Clouds / Press

“Smooth/soft vocals, melodies and instrumentation. I enjoyed it so much, I played it three times. I just wish the vocals were up more, so the Lyrics would come out more. Good job...More, more...”

Tony Cestaro - Extreme Dream

"What a sweet, graceful little tune [they have] there with "Angel"... Great vocals and I love the simple, charming guitar work. Very cool!"

Mike White - London, UK

"I love [their] sound...I think the lead singer has a good voice and I like the lyrics [to] On the Bright Side...and the guitarists are amazing! It's a good start to what I expect could be a great future! Keep up the hard work!!"

Christina Salinas - Band Profile

"From the Clouds plays music that is a gift to uplift the soul... I love it!" - Translated from Portuguese

Celio Werneck - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Founded on August 5th 2012, in Provo, UT."