From My Bedroom Project / Press

“You're eccentric. . . and We dig that! Driving Away From West is a rockin' Power Song! It's the type of song that makes you wanna say, "F*CK IT!" and just go!”

Roy Crofters - Reverbnation

“Intense and intimate, your songs and music leave me helpless to resist. Must. Listen. To them all.”

Bob Rylett - Reverbnation

“absolutely adore your music, I've come back since I've had some stuck in my head. Everything is so quirky and catchy at the same time, sung with passion. Incredibly unique with nothing like it! Thank you for sharing, I gladly dl'ed it and look forward to popping it on my Ipod (my gf is sure to love as well!), please never stop creating! one love,”

Nurakh - Reverbnation

“Great songs, stunning voice, awesome lyrics and absolutely entertaining videos, love it! Hardly to believe, so much creativity fits in one bedroom! Greetings from germany to australia, peace!”

Alee- Plans of Peace - Reverbnation

"Green Eyes" : smoldering, smoky, and beautiful in its restraint. Like a scene from a David Lynch film. xoxo

Anna Madorsky - Reverbnation

“You are a Goddess of talent, A maven of style, and Smokin' Hot. From this day on,I adore you!....xoxo.”

Otto Key- Creative Artist - Reverbnation

“Your way of becoming the art and devotion to bringing light to dark places has compelled so many to see what everyone's talking about here. Peace and love~The Singular Effect ”

The Singular Effect - Reverbnation

“Peace Such great funky sound, mystical cool groovy ,universal production. unbelievable crispy powerful voice and attractive sarcastic flirtatious intelligent entertaining vocals u r total package . keep on prevailing n rising above it all”

Sipe Star Studio - Reverbnation

“If we're ever in Oz I would love to have a guided tour of that bedroom!”

Lost Art of The Strange - Reverbnation

“Extraordinary and magical creativeness Alexis all emitting from a Heart the size of the continent of Australia,bless you for your dedication to giving a voice to the struggles of others with your exceptional brilliance of your songs and videos,you are an most remarkable star behind the clouds and a gifting light in front of them. Peace and World Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“I sense you are more than music, you have a drive to make this world a better place for many. Your bedroom project + Your music + Your caring soul = "You" an Angel. Wishing You the Most Amazing Success Ever. ~Eric ”

Shoe Box of Angels - Reverbnation

“YOU are so amazing!! I love your voice, and the lyrics you write are something special, I do not understand why you are not like a household name, you have such an original sound, I am so impressed and I watched your video of "Never Alone" and it gave me chills, it is such a beautiful song, beautiful video and it needs to be seen, and that girl with the dreadlocks has totally got it going on, you are awesome!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Your "Never Alone" video is Pure art. You embrace the message of the song not only musically but, VISUALLY. I have not seen such a connect in music and song in video like that is along time”

Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“Weird & Wonderful is an excellent description of these well written, flawlessly performed tunes! What a ride Alexis! I really like it! So unique I don't know where to begin! Excellent!”

Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project - Reverbnation