From Bottom to Top / Press

“Your passion for music is GENUINE! keep it up yo.”

“Love to have you perform”

“feelin ya music. stay on yo grind”

“you have some nice tracks”

“Loving the music, Keep it coming”

“I just became a fan! I love your tracks”

“Love your music”

“lovin ur page & music!”

“I was checking out ya music...I like THIS IS MY LIFE I really like what you have going on!”

“Much thanks to everyone for all the love and support, I really appreciate it. The time you take to listen, your shared thoughts and hopeful wishes is well received. It’s because of each and every one of you why I still have the strength to do what I do. Thanks for being a fan and a friend, for entering my world and for sharing yours. Love always from “From Bottom to Top Entertainment” - cheers from bottom to top #teamswagsofly”

R - From B. to T. publishing

“Mentally Crazy is a very flavorful mix tape, which is sure to be one of the best of it's time and is the first of RNA. In this you can find music that touch the soul and heart, which RNA put together enabling you to come into his world and see life through his eyes. No mix tape collection is complete if "Mentally Crazy" is not involve in it, It is filled with a lot of bangers so you can't go wrong with this choice.”

“To take flight gotta get your brains right/I hustle hard It should tell what my days like/ I born for this s*** so I can't get stage frieght Oct 14”