Friends Of Emmet / Press

“New Friends of Emmet E.P Dublin/Los Angeles based band and regular feature on the What's New In Music Monday Show Friends of Emmet have released a 3 track E.P available as a download only from I-Tunes the three tracks on the E.P are 13th Floor, No Surprise and Headlines with the first two tracks already having accompanying videos to go with the songs 13th floor see's the video set in a hotel and is interspersed with footage from the bands live gig back in April from the Sugarclub in Dublin and if you look closely you will get a glimpse of yours truly in the video. The Video for No Surprise is an animated video which on first look is quite a clever video however on closer inspection and also running the lyrics through my head while watching the video several times I noticed that there seemed to be a message within the lyrics and the video and I indeed believe that both the song and video would not look out of place for for promoting some "help groups" such as anti-bullying.”

“A great refreshing band with a brilliant sound and songs that are striking a chord with people, the listeners to my shows are eagerly awaiting Friends of Emmet to release their album a very talented group.”

Barry Dickson - Black Diamond FM (Edinburgh)

“Friends of Emmet's CD has very haunting sounds with vivid experiences that breaks down the communication barrier of life's darkest moments all of us go through. Coming Apart takes us down a lonely road by a river filled with mixed emotions of loneliness, despair, and questioning. Each song off of their Debut Album conjures up a fantastic mix of percussion beats, piano spells and sweet guitar sounds, addictive vocals that are all singles and radio friendly songs.”

“It is not often we are presented with an album quite like Friends Of Emmet's " Coming Apart ". This is nothing less than rock heaven. strong vocals, perfectly suiting well thought out lyrics. Instrumentation is magnificent. Each song taking you on a different emotion and road”