Fresh Wreckage / Press

"Fresh Wreckage is a rare female fronted alternative/emo rock group that writes songs that simultaneously breaks preconcieved notions of what alternative/emo rock is and are ridiculously catchy. The band performed an incredibly tight and on point set and might be one of my favorite new Columbus discoveries" - I Am Tuned Up

“The band still has kept to their true sound-catchy lyrics with a real rock feel. It’s a perfect blend of different styles. Fresh Wreckage is soon to be releasing an EP. For right now, the band is focusing on cementing their footprint on the Columbus music scene, and branching out to the Midwest. Harold Townes mentioned to me in an email that the band is currently on a tour they affectionately called the ‘Get Acquainted Tour’. “We pick a nearby city, head to an open mic session, then transform it into an intimate mini-concert. The Get Acquainted Tour is a fun way for us to “get acquainted” with fans and for them to “get acquainted” with us”, Harold explained. Sunday night at One Eyed Jacks will be a night that everyone needs to go and see for themselves. For an experience that you soon won’t forget, Fresh Wreckage will make sure that happens. To follow the band, like them on Facebook, Twitter (@freshlywrecked), watch some of their videos of YouTube, and join them”

“Fresh Wreckage presents an intriguing convergence of styles: a pop-minded rock band with big guitars and prog keyboards, led by soulful strains from the daughter of jazz organist Bobby Floyd, signed to the label founded by emo and nu-metal producer Dan Malsch. It’s easy to imagine this band on Warped Tour or on the soundtrack of a teen comedy, and now that they’re signed to Malsch’s label, Soundmine MusicWorks, perhaps they’re moving in that direction.”

"Their originals didn't slouch either. Their sort-of ballad "Forever" soared with the aid of the guitarist Brandon Chapman's ever-shifting tones and processors, and captured the same transcendent soft-to-hard feel of the Smashing Pumpkins' 'Today.' " -ACRN's Scene and Heard

“How would you describe your music, if pushed? Charles: A pop rock confection that will leave your ears pleased and your eyes, mouth, and nose jealous! Brandon: An eclectic rock and roll smoothie. Seriously though, we think our music is a mix of emo, pop rock and indie. It’s positive, personal, emotional and always fun. We don’t fight about the specific genre too much though, as long as you like it. ”