Fresh Daily / Press

“Fresh Daily is definitely a good guy, and we know he’s from Brooklyn, so you do the math.”

“His natural ability to perform is what attracted me to him as well as his lyrical content and 90’s vibes. If you have a passion for rap, then read what I found out about Fresh Daily, right here, right now.”

“I don’t think the goal was to put the fresh wardrobe aesthetic out as a “persona” to market my music. The goal for me was always to remain consistently innovative with my craft and show progression while expressing myself artistically. I think that approach was the defining factor to making my music signature and creating the distinction from the rest of other artists. The freshness in my physical aesthetic came secondary and I suppose there’s also a difference in the technical sense that I’m a wordplay/thought process emcee and not a punch line/metaphor rapper.”

“With a high of 30 degrees here in Brooklyn today, I don’t think any other thoughts [Cool Thoughts] are possible – vibe out to this one for a minute and get your mind off that brick weather.”