Fresh and Kleen / Press

“PRLog (Press Release) - May 22, 2013 - AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas hip-hop just exploded with Sir Freshness and Kleen on the scene, together again after ten years of solo careers! The ATX Hip-Hop duo is on fire, scorching feet, with fans heating up to their beats. The two announced “We are representing Austin, TX to the fullest.” The ATX Hip-Hop team is proud of their Austin, TX roots referencing the city in both New Beginnings and Austin Lights, the latest Fresh and Kleen music videos here. “We stay real at all times. There is no fakeness.” Fresh and Kleen said. Fakeness must be a word from their private dictionary, but Sir Freshness and Kleen won't mind if you use it. A tribute to this claim to stay real at all times, is the fact that their music videos, New Beginnings and Austin Lights offer two uniquely different, savory sounds. Their love of Austin aside, Sir Freshness and Kleen may find their appeal is more widely ranged than their home base. Time will be a testament... (Mor”