Frenchy Burrito & The Folk Pistols / Press

“Folksinger Frenchy Burrito has been ramblling around these parts for nearly two decades. As a veteran of West Homestead's dusty street corners and bar rock scene, he's internalized enough working class ennui to know the difference between posing and the real thing. And while Frenchy will never be in a position to give Bruce Springteen pointers on the fine art of rockin' and representin' the working class, he's built up enough credibility over the years as an activist to qualify as one of the most empathehetic singers Pittsburgh has ever produced.”

Tony Norman - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“ Frenchy Burrito was at Chess Records back in 1967 for a session with the Chicago rock group The Flock. The name of the song was, “What Would You Do If The Sun Died’ and it was for independent Label Destination Records. Chess was a major player for Blues and Rock’n Roll in the game of music and to have had the chance to get a glimpse of the machinery in action was extremely valuable to say the least. So, that’s Frenchy’s connection to Chess Records.”

Franky Lamp - www.frenchyburrito.com

“Hello, Tom Dean here again... Assistant Music Director For WOUI Radio Station in Chicago. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the FRENCHY BURRITO & THE FOLK PISTOLS information and CD; I really appreciate it...super stuff. It was refreshing to hear music of such originality and quality (quite rare of late) I will add into rotation (we are Open Format which basically means our DJ's can play whatever they want whenever they want); hopefully our DJ's and listening audience will dig it as much as I did.”

Tom Dean - WOUI Radio Chicago

“On the title track of "Lo-Fi World," Burrito sings, "No money to make that next CD/so I'll go to the garage and record it for free," and that was the philosophy behind making the record. One of the highlights for Burrito is "Homestead," a ballad that rides on a Latin guitar line as it delves into the bloody history of the town.”

“Thanks for sending you most interesting and inovative CD. Your audio is a little low at times ............but this CD blew me away. Excellent lyrics, vocals guitars, melodies etc..............& I will be airing on my shows. Certainly one of the most interesting CD's I've ever recieved.”

Eddie Russell - Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace Radio / Columbus, Texas