French Letters / Press

“Both post-modern and post-punk, this band fortifies the vampy drawl of proletariat spoken word with dirty low-fi Americana. Off their 2011 album In Tounges, their liver soaked Less Girls You Know makes its way to our song of the week. ”

“French Letters is no different than any other spoken-word, hip-hop, jazz infused, avante-guard rock five-piece … they’re all over the place. In a good way, that is.”

“The primary message to take from this review is that "In Tongues" is a truly original and compelling work by one hell of a poet and one hell of a band, so get off your ass and go buy it right now.”

"The French Letters are a very avant-garde group; their way of blending poetry with live music is prodigious and extremely unique. As odd as it may seem to go watch a group perform spoken word songs, The French Letters will not disappoint and put on quite an impressive show."