fREEX / Press

“Musically, they range from traditional Alt-rock/Power Pop, as you can hear on “Is There Something Wrong,” to scathing, burning satire, like on “Box” and “Lycine,” that calls back to San Francisco’s limited, but excellent, punk scene, like the Dead Kennedys and The Screamers, blending funky basslines and eerie theremin flying saucer sounds.”

“Freex is a very unique musical ensemble. In 21 years of producing this annual red carpet awards show for independent artists and bands, I have never heard anything quite like them. They are a solid choice for multiple nominations in 2011 for Rock Album and Music Video of the Year.”

“I've worked with truly amazing artists from 2Pac to E-40 to TQ to countless others. fREEX was the first rock project that I ever worked on. I have to say that their artistry, talent, and professionalism put them at the top of my list in terms of who is making great music that will last through time.”

"These “fREEX” are refreshingly free spirits who can turn impossible chords into beat-driven music, with a side of inappropriateness and disturbance. Though maybe not for me, I can admire this band’s talent and candid lyrics. They tend to take real-life issues very lightly and add a spin to their sound deliverance that drives listeners wild, either in a bad way or a Simple Good way."

“This band packs more punches than Bruce Lee and more licks than a tootsie pop. They always bring their "A" game to the show. Don't let the dress fool ya, they can rock!”