Freetime synthetic / Press

"Rapping this intimately never sounds inauthentic".... ..."The softer, liquid beats and engaging, socially conscious lyrics represent the fracturing of the West and East Coast sounds"

Rachel Siemens - The Inlander

"At the other end of the spectrum, toward unpin-downable idiosyncracies, are the infectious, scarily nimble, sing-songy flows of freetime synthetic."

Luke Baumgarten - The Inlander

".......it's hard to forget the quick-fire cadence of .... Freetime Synthetic ."

Isamu Jordan - Spokesman Review

"He raps easily, words running into a constant stream."

Linsay Williams - The Finger

"Vibing with honest, from-the-heart, homemade hip-hop, .....".... lyrical expedition of ..... lightning-fast delivery and blue-collar content."

Isamu Jordan - Spokesman Review