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“More songs in the video section!”

Free Radt - Music!

“The entire Free Radt catalog is now available at cdbaby.com”

“The new album "Zyxlzizm" is more psychedelic than our last recordings.”

Free Radt - Zyxlzizm

“Here is one of the masters for the 2015 material :)”

Free Radt - new track

“It is coming.. more Free Radt recordings! Mastering and finalizing as I type!”

Free Radt - New Material

“New videos for Free Radt and more jams to come with members Jeff Fagan, and Gunnar”

2015 startup

“See the next video for "Dangerously Alive.”

"Love 101" is a complete album from beginning to finish, and is best heard in its entirety.

Free Radt

“Free Radt is a rock band that is capable of genre bending styles. The first record features 15 powerfully written songs that display this ability.”

Free Radt - Free Radt