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"FreePeople – The Next Sound In Party Rock Hip Hop With Love. One of my favorite things in music is when a band mixes a bunch of different genres and influences together to create their own personal style. There is nothing groundbreaking but ..."

"FreePeople doesn't just rap to the beat of their own drums, they grind the leather until its torn. Mixing some feelings from Black Eye Peas, Free People's lyrics are still as sharp as a Ginsu, and their beliefs remain opinionated. Free People's Hustle Hard is a tribute to all the late nights and early mornings everyone's got to put in to get ahead ."

"The music is reminiscent of Musiq Soulchild or a bit of John Legend experimentation, now the beats are a little closer to Chris Brown -and production seems a bit like old school Justin Timberlake and Timbaland- Free People collaboration efforts are great and a netscape of talent in world beats mixing Urban elements with Affro cuban club organic beats - I feel with the right producer the band can go far- The singing has a latin feel to it and it would go well with the girls sipping their overpriced tropical drinks in a douche bag filled club in Turin Italy or the clubs of Miami on a warm summer day. The R&B quite distinct in the soulful falsetto of the singers delivery - some of the three part harmonies will take you back to Compton when you were dreaming of a fine Mamacita."

"With their ‘in it to win it’ attitude, California based R&B, hip hop-pop-rock band FreePeople are likened to One Republic and The Script, but deep down they’re really something like you’ve never seen before."

"FreePeople is connecting with an element that's been lost in rap music for a long time - an appreciation for the art of melody and emotion...they possess something many of their contemporaries lack - street credibility and an edge. Their music is genuine and refreshing."

"FreePeople has a tendency to excel with whatever tempo/demeanor they seek to flatter..."

"hello freepeople, your personal hip hop style with a strong electronic sound has caught me! like that sound, especially "hustlehard". great song! sven"

Sven Melo-Composer, Instrumentalist & Producer - Melo Radio