“This quartet's material owes a bit to '70s stalwarts like Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep, but with fresh arrangements and tight song structures in fairly complex patterns. Crisp guitar leads and driving percussion propel the proceedings, and the sound is full even with few guitar overdubs. Standouts include "Edge Of Destiny" and "Standing In Line" which both offer a hummable chorus. ”

“Dem Anflug von Schwere, den man an den früheren Werken schätzte, ist nun einem weiten, mit voller Kraft auf das Gaspedal tretenden Klangbild gewichen, das sehr gut zu den eingängigen, durch und durch Spaß machenden Krachern passt. Gewiss, bei so einer streng vorgegebenen Marschrichtung ist man nicht vor vereinzelten Längen sicher, welche im vorliegenden Fall vor allem gegen Ende auftauchen, beim Auftönen des Rausschmeißers "Indian Summer" jedoch wieder verfliegen und einen gelungenen Schlusspunkt eines alles in allem sehr gelungenen Albums setzen.”

““Holding On” is an exceptionally good album and one that I would definitely recommend to anyone. There is a lot of talent on show here and it’s obvious how much work went into producing this album. It’s very unassuming, it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not, and it’s somewhat comforting that there is still a band out there that can produce an excellent Hard Rock offering.”

“Unlike a lot of so called stoner bands, Freedom Hawk show a classic knack for writing economical, punchy and most importantly catchy songs as opposed to bunches of drawn out riffs. They know the power of dynamics in a song…when to pick it up and drop it down a notch or two…and also know how to hold a song back from outstaying its welcome. That skill married up with a tight, warm production that boasts a smoking, vintage guitar tone…you can almost smell the valves burning…makes for yet another top notch release from the Small Stone label... I’m going to stick my neck out and note a touch of UFO here…and if more bands took UFO as an influence the world would be a better place!!!”

"Freedom Hawk is demonically earthy, blazing a path of accelerated doom-groove on dirty wheels of steel...greasing the riffs up with just enough metal melody to give ‘em a commercially viable hard rock sound...Pure POWER is what is, man, plain and simple."

“It’s a rock album in the tradition of rock albums. Nine of the 13 cuts are between four and five minutes long, and all of them – the exception being the 1:50 interlude “Zelda” – have a classic rock accessibility that will no doubt set many to bemoaning the state of rock radio. Freedom Hawk’s ability to write the noted solid choruses comes to the fore. I’ve found in sitting with Holding On that the songs are not so much breaking new stylistic ground as they are digging into what’s already been done in order to create something memorable and distinct from it. The album is a grower in the sense that the more you listen to its track the more they leave an imprint on you”

“Freedom Hawk's third official release, 2011's Holding On, alights upon planet stoner rock with abnormally tall expectations, and justifiably so, since even the praise singling out the band as "the East Coast's answer to Fu Manchu" doesn't do full justice to the diversity of their songwriting gifts.”

“I have to admit I have been waiting for this record [Holding On] since I heard the news that Virginia Beach’s Freedom Hawk had signed with Small Stone. I hadn’t heard of the band before that, but the preview trailer of their new album really caught my attention. I always welcome a band into my music collection that has killer vocals and lays down a heavy groove. Freedom Hawk fits the profile. You are going to want to hear this one. think that the that strike me the most about Freedom Hawk is that they could potentially be *GASP* “hard rock radio friendly”. That is of course if the world ends and someone gives both of the barrels to Clear Channel’s monopoly of the airwaves.”

“Early Black Sabbath means in this context the 1975 - 1978 period, by the way. These are exactly the components of FREEDOM HAWK that I really appreciate instead of complaining about the obvious similarities. Why? Because FREEDOM HAWK manage to add their own personality to their heavy fuzzed-out 1970's-infected Sabbathian rock. For that reason, it would not be accurate to call them a rip-off. Also, the band has developed in the right direction since their self-titled debut for Meteor City Records. 'Holding On' (which is their 2011 debut for Small Stone Records) is backed by a subliminal dose of early 1980's heavy metal which leads to a harder edge in their sound. Additionally, these cats have a knack for writing irresistible melodies that also maintain enough intensity and emotional depth. ”

"... Freedom Hawk wedges in psychedelia with groove heavy rock and roll. The band knows how to shake ground and be thunderous but also when to ease back, to wallow in the groove, the funk, the palatial sweep of shapely and echoing guitar riffs."

Brian Tucker - Bootleg Magazine

“If Freedom Hawk were in search of the lost Black Sabbath riff, they’ve struck gold. Their debut CD, ‘Sunlight’ is so chock full of lumbering Sabbath-powered riffs and Blue Cheer-pinched guitar licks that it will put cracks in your walls once you press play!”

The Atomic Chaser - All Access Magazine

"Sunlight is essentially the type of album Ozzy Osbourne should be making in this day and age. Hard hitting riffs, rock solid grooves, and a direct lineage back to the Sabbath days of old. In short – stoner rock in the traditional sense and of the highest (no pun intended) order."

"East Coast's answer to Fu Manchu, keeping it simple and thick with harmonious metal groove. It wasn't heavy riffs and growls, but power riffs and soulful rock delivery wrapped in metal packaging. Freedom Hawk's sound is large, like trying to force an elephant to fit in a closet."