Fred Smith / Press

“His songs range from the deeply affecting, to the astringently observant, to the rousing singalong. He has a perceptive eye for modern Australian life, it's foibles and joys, and an ability to express this in song.”

Philip O'Brien - ArtSound FM

“Australia's answer to Billy Bragg... a brilliant wit... pure entertainment.”

Tracy Heffernan - BMA

“Fred Smith possesses a sharp intelligence obviously homed on the unique personality and problems of his current home, Australia.”

Michael Smith - Drum Media

“You'd have to go a long way to find a singer-songwriter with more scope. From performing in the schoolrooms and on the airstrips of South Pacific islands to revving up the locals at dingy inner city pubs, Smith makes the term 'versatile' seem an understatement.”

Matt Levey - Revolver

“Fred Smith writes very well - and sometimes very amusingly - in his own voice.”

Lucky Oceans - the Planet

“Fred is a really important songwriter I reckon and has an inspired turn of phrase”

David Bridie - festival intro

““I think he’s a star” Schumann says of Smith. “There’s so much vacuous bullshit around, it’s a delight to hear songs well-crafted, with something to say.””

John Schumann quoted by Warwick McFadyen - The Saturday Age

“an exceptional songwriter and certainly the equal of Bogle, Walker and Schumann”

Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald ‘Review of the Week’

“continues a tradition of profoundly affecting Australians-at-war ballads that includes Eric Bogle’s And the band played Waltzing Matilda, Don Walker’s Khe Sanh (Cold Chisel) and John Schumann’s I was only 19”

Stephen Fitzpatrick - The Weekend Australian Review ‘Cover Story’

“This album is, without doubt, a masterpiece”

Ian Dearden - Trad & Now

“a collection of songs that offers an intimate perspective on the war in Afghanistan.”

Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald ‘Review of the Week’

“These 12 songs have a singular power and emotional honesty, because Smith was actually there”

Warwick McFadyen - The Saturday Age

“a cycle of songs that are raw, remarkably honest and suitably ambivalent about the nature of war”

Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald ‘Review of the Week’

“In a world full of vacuous songs, Fred’s is an incredibly strong body of work”

John Schumann quoted by Stephen Fitzpatrick - The Weekend Australian Review ‘Cover Story’

“… the music of Fred Smith comes straight from the front line…raw, ribald, but also capable of moving grown men to tears.”

John Huxley - Sydney Morning Herald