Freddie Long / Press

"The Freddie Long Band is starting down a sunny road paved with talent, devotion, and a sense of how to make music both fun and meaningful. I hope that this road is a long one..."

Nathan Olson - Indie-Music.com

"After 20 years of radio, I've heard and seen new, young musicians and bands popping up from the 4 corners. It has been a long time since I was as excited about a sound and talent as I am about Freddie Long. A star in the making."

Cougar Michaels - DJ, 106.9 The Eagle, Hagerstown, MD

“To make [their] originals sound like time-tested singles is no easy task." ”

Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC

"Every inch a rock and roll band with strong vocals."

Susie Mudd - Music Monthly Magazine

““He is a songwriter extraordinaire and I hate him for it because he’s so darn young and so darn good at it. His voice reminds me of those blues singers who even at young ages can stir up emotion with a wide vocal range. Freddie‘s moving on to a great career, I can tell you that right now.””

Dan Stevens - DJ, Key 103, Frederick, MD

"…A very dedicated and talented musician. Freddie is well on his way to a great career.”

Marcos Martinez - Area Marketing Manager, Borders Books and Music