Freddie Dunn Jr / Press

“Then came an hour of pure lightning... Highlights? The track Take Me Higher...the audience snapping along, trumpeter Freddie Dunn blowing a wicked Clifford Brown-style solo!”

“... stellar solo work from trumpeter Freddie Dunn...”

“...trumpeter Freddie Dunn..sounds galaxies distant from traditional!”

“the Jazzy 2 Step single, 'Take Me Higher' feat. trumpeter Freddie Dunn (voted one of the top 50 tracks of 2001 by listenners of gilles peterson's 'worldwide show')...”

“The trumpeter’s name was Freddie Dunn and "Longing for the Moon" featured mostly his original compositions except for Thelonious Monk’s “Monk’s Mood” and Eden Ahbez’s “Nature Boy.” The album opens with “Looking at the Moon.” The soothing, late-night groove suggests a smooth flavor, but Dunn was able to squeeze out some melodic phrases against the pre-arranged beat. On “VinBev.com,” “Nature Boy” and “Toonin’ In,” Dunn uses the muted tone to create a startling sound that reminded me of what Miles had done on Tutu, one of my personal favorites of Electric Miles. “Toonin’ In,” in particular, is so hauntingly wicked as if his pointed playing was cutting through the urban beat. “Fre-chan” is a sensational collaboration with altoman Eugene Chapman. After the two horn players take turn chopping up the funkified beat, Dunn returns to the slow, relaxing “Monk’s Mood” to showcase his ballad playing.”