Freak / Press

“I was upset with myself for not seeing them sooner. As they performed, everything you want to hear from Korn, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Disturbed, Alice In Chains, and Pantera just to name a few, with a packed house, there were 70% of the finest women I have seen in a club in years. A good time for all. I'm so glad I finally made the time to go see what the buzz was all about with this local band. Using props such as televisions, skulls, even a skull beer bong, the singer, in the middle of a song, picked out one sexy rocker girl to chug beer with as well. During the song "F**k You Like An Animal" by N.I.N, ten girls jumped up on the stage and shook it oh so sexy and the band delivered sounds to make their bodies move. FREAK has a new fan/follower of their band as they took me by surprise by performing a non-stop high energy show during their two 90 minute sets. I, myself, will ALWAYS be seen at a FREAK show because they kick ass! ”