Fraz Milne Music / Press

“Fraz is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter entrenched firmly in the pop vein. Hear is an upbeat and uplifting collection (“Dream big / Dream bigger still” is a representative lyric), relentlessly romantic even when exploring the darkness. Highlight Tracks: “Private Room” is an interesting twist on modern romance, offering the perspective of cyber-lovers “Asked her her name and she only answered with : ) “Perfect,” meanwhile, is a radio-ready single and a fine opening number, illustrating Fraz’s keen ear for pop melodies...”

Adam McKibbin / New music Review - Choice Cuts

“...at the end of the day there will be one jem that still remains in my CD collection as well as my head. "Hear" is more satisfying than a thanksgiving dump. I'm sure it must have been a huge relief to get that one out. This one sets the world on it's ear, but is the world ready for Fraz? Best snap it up before the pendulum swings.”

B Bethel - Canterbury Rag