Frayden / Press

“Frayden, Ghost Crash; CD of the Week 20/9/2009. Like me, indie rock trio Frayden escaped relatively unscathed after a childhood spent in Whanganui, and now, bless them, they've made the River City proud by finally releasing a great studio album after years of impressive live shows. Recorded with the mighty Bob Frisbee, this gloriously sloppy, choppy, soulful debut suggests Frayden might be Aotearoa's answer to Pavement.”

Grant Smithies - Sunday Star Times

“✶✶✶✶ FRAYDEN Ghost Crash (FCOH Records) Verdict: Dirty pop that rocks. 12/12/2009 A band you might not want in your lounge are former Wanganui, now Auckland based, three-piece Frayden. They're not bad lads, but the music they make is dirty and grubby. Yet their songs are deliciously catchy thanks to their love of melody and the fact they're not afraid of a little jangle a la Pavement, like on title track Ghost Crash. Then there's Monster, which is just that, a frenzied Dinosaur Jr offensive meets the dirgey chaos of something like old New Zealand noise rock outfit SPUD. I Live On the Moon has a little Bauhaus posturing with Franz Ferdinand melodramatics; and How The Dead Live is a song possessed by lurching metal. While it might sound derivative of some great bands, its not, because Frayden put their collective feet on the throat of the songs, rumble into them, and make them their own. ”

Scott Kara - NZ Herald