Franz Holzhauser / Press

“Stairways Boogie made me wanna bop, bop, bop! I would Love to perform with you, love ur instrumentals!!!”

Leilani - Reverbnation

“Funky monkey makes me feel like im in a glass elevator dancing crazy with the whole shoppin mall is watchin and I don't even care. this music kicks ass keep it goin--apes”

Naked Apes - Reverbnation

“It's smooth, it's funky, it's got a sensual edge that makes me wanna take of my pants and bounce in electric rain. Fantastic boogies, my friend. Keep up the great work!”

Shazdar - Reverbnation

“ "Rain of Love " Well this is a bit different kicks off sounding like the intro to a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Film, Then I hear Dusk Till Dawn type guitar and beat with a tag of Fine Young Criminals, but great vocals Great vocals and harmony over lap a nice steady beat crashing into a moody Well constructed beat. The repeat is brilliant as the emotion is excellent I really enjoyed this well ripper of a song not sure about the end through. But A Big Thank You Tony ”

Comfortable Cats - Reverbnation

“WOW!!!! Great compositions! "Without You"....I had to listen to it 3 times ....nice vocals and guitar work! Stay with it my friend! Thanks for stopping by and joining my fans...Peace.”

JP Yonelunas - Reverbnation

“Hidden Feelings, Wow...Love it mate, Should be in a Movie....I listened to quite a few...Without is another beauty....You have some great tracks here...You're awesome, nice to meet you...And I wish you loads of success...”

The Soul Touchers - Reverbnation

“ London is humming tonight to your superb music..it's balmy and drowsy and we got the windows wide open for the rest of the world to hear these excellent choons!!. ”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Over all great work! Another musically restless bro! Glad to hear there a lot of us about! Why have just one flavour? Rap-blues... Not even i thought of that! :)Thanks for fan-ing! Cheers!”

Mr Tourettes Overloaded Senses Club Band - Reverbnation

“ Graue Tage, although I don't know what it means-is a masterpiece dude. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Holzhauser- any of these 4 musicians could have wrote this piece ”

Mister Richter - Reverbnation

“In den 60´ern und 70´ern hat er in diversen Bands die Sologitarre gerockt und seine Liebe zur Musik bis heute nicht verloren. Heute unterstützt er diverse Projekte, unter anderem die Webseite www.agent4you.net und produziert unter "Sound-Tuning-Studios" in seinem kleinen Studio gemafreie Musik.”