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“sea shore stolls my FAV -nice”

GMAY - Reverbnation.com

“Ended Up Listening To All Your Tracks..AWESOME..”

Twisted Folk - Reverbnation.com

“c{{{Great Music}}}{{{\m/}}}{{{Daly}}}”

Daly Redline - Reverbnation.com

“You have some beautiful compositions here Fran!”

Don O'Conner - Reverbnation.com

“(3 days ago) Midsummer Dream is my favourite. Great music!!”

Michele Sestu ( www.michelesestu.com ) - Reverbnation.com

“Wonderful songs, Fran. Especially enjoying "Midsummer Dream". Best wishes!”

Victor Snow - Reverbnation.com

“Great vibe here, cheers.”

Classic Rock - Reverbnation.com

“Keep up the great work Fran! Cheers! :)”

Adam Gordon - Reverbnation.com


Alyson - Reverbnation.com

“Excellent music and production work.”

CHIMERA - Reverbnation.com

“Beautiful sound”

TicTocka - Reverbnation.com

“Your music is very special Fran.”

Wes Paul Gerrard - Reverbnation.com

“Just swinging by to listen to your thought-provoking and stunningly beautiful tunes.”

“Mesmerizing, beautiful and very cosmic. So glad that i found your music out here. I can't wait so share this next Saturday on the showcase over on Facebook. Namaste”

“When I think of a classical artist, there is one artist that comes to mind and that is Fran Schultz. Her music is elegant, fulfilling and uplifting. When I hear Fran’s music, I take in a breath of fresh air and I feel renewed. Her music is so re-freshing. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Fran over the years at several other socials site and though we never met in person I feel as if we could pick up a conversation from anywhere. Her spirit and soul is entwined through out her music.”

“Listening to your fantastic songs ....”

“Enjoyed Daybreak II. Beautiful music.”

“So moving! Absolutely glorious, congrats Please continue filling the world with so much beauty!”

“Enjoying Golden Years, Beautiful moving piece ! Bravo WILL ”

"Bouquet of Roses" is an amazingly beautiful song . . . thank you for sharing! :)

“Such beautiful music and so much of it. I loved the soothing ambiance and then found the power of "Transcendence" and continued on. I'm going to be here a loooong time, listening and enjoying.”

“Always a pleasure to play your superb music! Loved the video for cOSMIC rHAPSODY”

“What a beautiful touch on your keys. Your music is exquisite!!! Very lovely. I especially enjoyed "Winter Walk". ~kc”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“The First Noel...This is a wonderful setting to a classic Christmas Carol. Fran has really created a true piece of art with this. I really like the underlying activity behind the melody. It sets a astrological mood that is very flowing, & it has just the right amount of dissonance to create a very colorful sound. The chimes at the end finish it off nicely.”

“Great work... Love it!!! ”

“Derrick Paolo Teta guitarist co...: "Beautiful Fran"”

“Renewal is excellent! Wonderful movement & playing!”

“A cuppa mocha and "Sweet Dreams" I & II set me up for the night .I prefer II but thats just me. Great music Fran”

“This will definetely be one of my favorite stops. Love to relax to this style of music. Your very gifted, Fran; thank you for sharing.”

“What better way to relax on a Friday than listen to your rich, detailed compositions. "Sweet Dreams" is superb!”

“Definitive, captivating, mesmerizing. Great music, beautiful arrangements. Pura perfezione!”

“Your music is magnificent! True talent! :)”

“Summer Dream: This is really a deeply moving & heart rending melody played so beautifully & composed so beautifully by such a great artist like you. A unique thing about this composition is that it could be listened to by people of any country who would identify it as their own.”

Priya Nath Mehta of Nathji Music - Reverbnation

“You're new compositions in honour of those who have fought in wars - are beautifully haunting & sobering... may your message be heard & understood!! Blessings to you my friend!”

Raylene Waye - Reverbnation

“Echoes of the Past, Memorial & Battle of Argonne Forest- The trinity suite is very well done, Fran. It has a somewhat Barber-esque feel to it, but certainly with your spin on tone colors and melodies. Your introspective working of the musical material is well in keeping with your inspiration from the historical events. Bravo! ”

Hackdaddy - Reverbnation

“Fran~loving your music, my friend....A Walk In The Dawn is absolutely beautiful-I will be back.”

Roy Burns-The Classics - Reverbnation

“Wow Fran, I'm listening now and this is just wonderful... I'll be listening for a while! I needed your music to calm my day...Thank You!”

James Ferris - ReverbNation

“You have managed to fit song and titles perfectly. Your sound is rich, full and moving. The emotions are all there. Good luck to you. Bill Wren”

Bill Wren - ReverbNation

“Fran, I love to hang out on your page and daydream :-) BEAUTIFUL!!!”

Kristine - Reverbnation

“Your music - it reaches my soul in many ways.. Your music is very inspirational, dramatic, personal, beatiful, fantastic, deep and dark, but redemptional..You got it.”

Hannu Lepisto - Reverbnation

“Love it here Fran esp as Starlights In Spring plays ~ am staying for a while because it's a peaceful feeling ~ Andrew Austin”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation

“You Rock~”

Knight Fury - ReverbNation

“Your music mixes charming, fantasy and an old fashion touch! Sometimes it reminds me of the progressive times (like Genesis, Yes...)!”

Barcamor - Reverbnation

“You have some absolutely delightful music here - full of variety, inventiveness and finesse."”

Steve Kelly - ReverbNation

“Gorgeous! Really love this piece. Very soothing and melodic. Also love how it has elements of romantic & baroque styles, with almost a transitioning of sorts from the former to the latter with the very effective transition mid-way through the song, giving a fresh feel & instrumentation. It's almost as if the crossing of style & orchestration is representative of crossing the "Bridge To Love". Very nice! – Jeremy & Rebecca ”

"Crossroads Jam has a very happy, old timey feel to it, and it takes me back to a time in musical history, before I was born; and yet I can very much appreciate it, because of it's very solid ragtime quality. It reminds me so much of the style of music on a disc that was made from some old piano rolls that George Gershwin made in his day. It is so great to be able to hear wonderful music that is not the norm of the day, and is not associated with the trash that one might hear on most radio stations across the country. Keep them coming Fran...lovin' your works!"

Steve Rupert - LiquidAudio.org

".. WOW ... really great and original sound " ... Toni Vere

Toni Vere - ReverbNation

"The Age of elegance - Meets the modern music of today in a spectacular fashion of sophisticated expression."

The Altruistic Messiah - Stereofame.com

"Great authentic sound. I just love the piano playing and the nice feel. Great stuff!"

Rod Fritz - Reverbnation

"Classical music is so beautifully presented by You."

Gaurashakti - Reverbnation

“Your 9/11 Memorial is masterful. Music lives in your being."”

“Beautiful meeting of sound colors and passion on "Love" Fran!”

“Back for more of your excellent music!”

“My visit here today was a good one. I liked what you have got going on over here and another visit I'm already planning. I will be a fan of yours. Blessings for sharing.”

“Back for more of your awesome tunes!”

“So appreciate you music, Fran! It goes deep...and lifts high! Thank you so much for doing what you do! =warmest-est-est smile= I just "had to" share it with my friends...”

“Your music is so soothing and beautifully done, I have put it on my play list from now on. Absolutely magical. ”

"Songs from the Sudan" simply beautiful, haunting, melancholy and emotive. I love it...........Mark.

“I find your music wonderful! Rich, moving & full of atmosphere. I especially love the orchestration on Dawn of Splendor, beautiful melodies that stir your soul, & the ambiance created on Life's Storms is exceptional! This is music that brings calm & reflection into my life! Thankyou.”

“A stormy classic "stormy days" a wonderful morning listen ”

“Superb music from an excellent artist!! 7 STARS!! ”

“Listening to "Butterfly Dance", a wonderful instrumental track with plenty of musical landscapes inside: a melodic journey for sure. ”

“Hi Fran, Orient Express: really really good track! So many instruments to discover and listen to... it is a joy to close the eyes and imagine the journey through the orient!! :) Well choosen sounds, elegant synth works . Thanks for this experience. :) -Spin- // PS: extra fine mixing.....! Perfect!! //”

“Strong melodic structures, passionate performance and unique arrangements. Great tunes!!!! ”

“'Bouquet of Roses' is very nice- somehow you've managed to effectively combine classicism and electronica in the most astonishing manner. it even seems to delve a bit into the 2-step style of UK garage and dubstep, which, for me, is quintessentially the most amazing feat accomplished in the course of the track. it's very rare to find a piece that is able to combine so adeptly such disparate musical elements without its eventually breaking apart at the seams. you've shown great skill in weaving this seamless aural tapestry into something of passion and beauty.”