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“CD Review "You Are My Life" - 16 tracks plus video. Paco (Frank Stewart) is a throwback to old-school big band vocalists. He cites musical heros such as Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Crawford, Paul Anka, Neil Sadaka and Barry Manilow. This musical project is based on love of family and friends and Paco's heart leads the way. The show rolls out with the old standard, "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You" that starts like a piano bar performance and ends with the whole orchestra joining in with Paco's exuberant vocal crescendo-complete with the trumpets squealing. He picks great classics ("Georgia On My Mind", "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart", "All of Me") and becomes the loveable manly ringleader. It appears like Paco would like to make his fans an extension of his family. He's got the love vibe leading the way.”

"Stewart is motivated by his simple desire to help people touch their inner most emotions through the vehicle of song; to help them celebrate their life's blessings be it through laughter or even tears" Ric Poulin, senior producer at Bristol Studios in Boston says: "Paco is an artist with a voice, an album and a show that is right up there with the best!"

“Frank "Paco" Stewart, Grandfather of Five, Releases Third Studio Album, "You Are My Life" to iTunes and Amazon. Paco lives in Gloucester, MA. He believes that "one of lifes great blessings is the gift of singing and that on truly special occasions music allows people to connect "soul to soul", to feel good about themselves and all that life has to offer".”

“Frank "Paco" Stewart Releases Third Studio Album, "You Are My Life" to iTunes and Amazon. Senior Engineer at Bristol Studios in Boston Chris Billias noted: "When Frank said he wated to produce a CD based on family, love and friendship,I thought what a perfect match; You Are My Life is the essence of Paco - Frank Stewart. He is all about family, caring, nuturing and giving people the opportunity to reach their full potential".”

“One of BACA's newest members is Paco (Frank Stewart), a man one hundred percent dedicated to the art of singing and two hundred percent determined to take his career as far as humanly possible. We are thrilled that Frank has chosen BACA to aid in his journey and that you will find inspiration in his dedication and resolve to succeed!”

Robin Burrage - BACA (Boston Association of Cabaret Artists) News

“Dear "Paco"; I just finished e-mailing my chorus telling them of becoming aware of your glorious voice tonight. I must tell you again that I have never heard anyone present leonard Cohen's Hallelujah better than your version that you shared with the audience at Tapley Hall this evening. I am still in awe of your heartfelt artistry. Further words fail me at this late hour. I will contact you soon to discuss how we can further showcase your fine artistry!”

Glen Mairo - Julliard Graduate - Trustee - Danvers, MA Historical Society