Frank Lindamood / Press

“Frank Lindamood is the 62 year old poster child for crafting authentic and traditional sound into new and original song.    A resident of the flat woods of Sopchoppy, Florida, Lindamood is a life-long student of the likes of Leadbelly, Blind Lemon and Jimmy Rogers.  His songs ring with voices and voicings from the past.    He’s a bare-knuckled guitar player, a master of early 20th century banjo style, and a lucid but gritty bender of notes on his metal bodied resonator.   His 2011 Gatorbone Records release,  “Hewn  From The Rock,”  is a solo masterpiece of original songs,  whose no-overdubbing, no-pitch correcting, one-take production style salutes and honors the masters Lindamood has studied.”

Grant Peeples - The Sopchoppy Examiner