Frank Joshua / Press

“A gorgeous collection of songs. Warm, relaxed and beautifully crafted. Stand out song for me is "Cry Blue" - powerful stuff. Warm, smooth & delicious indeed...”

“Played on BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music”

“a well-considered, superb collection of songs by a genuine craftsman. crisp, unobtrusive production supports Joshua's strong, polished vocals and each song is complimented by a soundscape of guitars, synths (particularly on "Bluebell Wood") and backing vocals that are not afraid to mix genres and styles in the aid of the stories that Joshua is telling. And ultimately this is a magnificent collection of great songs; peerless construction and lyrical efficiency, all delivered by a direct and honest vocal. A first class E.P by Frank Joshua. 10/10”

“On playlist for Suckfree Radio”

“Wow! The new album,Easy Two by Frank Joshua,is one of those albums where once you heard it you continue to hum and sing to one of the songs.Cry Blue, a song I heard acouple of years ago is one of the BEST I've come across for a long time.Hauntingly beautiful and so so catchy. Franks vocals are an utter joy as he delivers his songs as only Frank can.I highly recommend this album,a must for music lovers of all genres.”

“On the playlist for US New Jazz”

“This is not my usual type of music but a friend recommended it and I have to say I love it. The more I listen the more I like it. Especially Cry Blue and Rain. Joshua has a beautiful voice which is well complemented by the arrangements of these thoughtful and soulful songs. Really well produced soulful pop music from a telented group of musicians. I really recommend it.”

“Currently on playlist for Radio Six International”

“Frank has one of the greatest singing voices that I've heard in recent years. His music is light, catchy and oozes sophisticated cool. Easy Two is a great showcase of that talent.”

“Currently playing on Celtica Radio”

“Sometimes a CD comes along that takes you by surprise and within seconds you get a lovely warm toasty feeling listening to the music. Now usually I get this feeling when I turn to a song or an album that I've known for ages,the ever faithful stand by from a classic artist that you turn to in moments of need(mine is usually Nick Drake),pressing play on the CD player or on the pc and instantly you are transported to a good feeling,a mood changer be it raising you up or down from where you are at that point in time. I was so pleasantly surprised to get that feeling with this CD-from the get go it took me into a real good mood. The songs have a wonderful range of styles that are interlinked by the special voice of Frank Joshua. 'Rain' is a special heart shaped song that burns like a toasty warm fire,'Bluebell Wood' offers smart electronic noodlings to a real builder of a song. 'Kiss' is a gentle folk song in a a singer/songwriter mode which reminds me of Richard Hawley........”

“This music is astonishingly great to listen to. The recording is impeccable and superb. The voice will immediately grab your attention and won't let go. I simply cannot choose one track over another. They all keep me equally involved in their purity.”

“Simply Brilliant!! ... like a wondrous stream! So simple, subtle and yet so effective.”

“Rain is filling a void left when the Smiths broke up. Haunting.”

“The ability to deliver a song that is listenable on many levels is a triumph and a rare gift. I can't pick a favorite - they range from dance tracks like 'What Price A Smile' to guitar strumming 'Mad About You' - you choose, I can't!”

“channeling some Jeff Buckley and even a little Sting in there...lovely. I am headed to iTunes next.”


“CRY BLUE" is really pleasant to listen to. I love the elegance of it. It reminds me of "Sting" and "Chris Isaak" Great Production!”

“I love your compositions Frank. Your music reminds me of some of my favorite music I have heard from the 60's.”

“A gorgeous "Kiss" your voice is like sweet sauce and morning sex, a sunday drive in the country to the river in Summer. a wonderful ode to the cadence of Morrissey and Buckley. We love it”

“These recordings are really special. Great sound. Rain is filling a void left when the Smiths broke up. Haunting. I am proudly recommending you on RN page.”